It’s Getting Hot In Here

Since it’s so cold (-11 degrees), a friend of mine and I decided to try out some Bikram! There is a studio downtown and we found coupons for a $10 class if you bring your student ID.

Before just jumping in, I decided to do some research! I found out that Bikram yoga is a specific type of hot yoga. The room is heated to about 100 degrees with around 30-40% humidity. Basically yoga in a sauna. Unlike other yogas, Bikram uses the same sequences each session in order for yogis to practice and complete full expressions (expert level) of poses. This is not a slow yoga, you’re heart is racing the entire time! I burned around 600 calories! (If you have a heart rate monitor, it will be more accurate).

I searched a few “how to” websites online to see what I was getting into and here is what I learned:

  1. Don’t panic. The heat can be overwhelming but try to keep breathing through. It’s okay to sit down and reconnect with your breath if you start feeling waves of anxiety.
  2. DRINK DRINK DRINK. It’s good to drink around 8 cups before practice, but through out the day and not right before. Make sure that you also store up on electrolytes. I use Shaklee Performance before and sometimes during my exercise to help retain some water from being sweated out.
  3. Show me some skin! You are going to sweat like a pig. The less clothes the better. I’m talkin men in little booty shorts and girls in just sports bras. Try to wear something that’s not cotton so the sweat doesn’t sit on your skin. It’s a no judgement zone.
  4. Eat Well. Yoga, like any work out, requires you to feed yourself right. This also includes not eating about an hour before class- just like with water! You don’t want all that food and water sloshing around in your tummy!
  5. Go at your own pace. This is your time to stretch and meditate. If you can’t touch your toes- you’ll get there! If you need a moment to readjust, it’s okay.
  6. Try it twice. The first time you try it you might not like it or get freaked out. Try it a second time if you can, now you know what to expect and how to prepare!

I really liked it! I hate running in the heat and I’m hoping that maybe practicing Bikram yoga will help with that. The instructor was like a drill Sargent! I’ve been really tight from stress and running so I’m hoping that this will help too! Next time I’ll make sure to bring my own sweat towel and hydrate a little more. Other than that, I think I did a decent job preparing myself physically and mentally.

Dandayamana Janushirasana: standing head to knee pose from

Today I’m off to mount Stowe to hit the slopes! I haven’t been boarding since New Years day.


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