Hey everyone!

Went for a 3.5 mile run this morning. It was cold yet beautiful! I was kind of off my game last week from spring break and some other important things going on, but I am happy to report I’ve reduced my running time to 9:30. Yay! That’s over a minute lower than my original running time!

On this wonderful run, I was thinking about why I fell off my running schedule and why others have a hard time exercising and it is: time. According to my PT book, time is the biggest preconceived barrier a person will have towards making a lifestyle change (of any kind really). When I decided I wanted to start running, I made two things.

  • a weekly planner of my normal week (since I’m unemployed and in school, my weekly play-by-play is pretty predictable).
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Run Pilates Run Yoga Run Yoga Run
9:00 class class
9:30 class class
10:00  class  class
10:30 Or
11:00 I go
11:30 boarding
12:00 Social Social
12:30 Psych Psych
3:00 Culture Culture
5:00 Death
5:30 And
6:00 Dying
  • a work out schedule (like I’ve posted before). this is just a mock up
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2/23 2.5 mi Pilates 3 mi Yoga 3 mi Yoga 6 mi
3/2 2.5 mi Pilates 3.5 mi Yoga 3 mi Yoga 7 mi
3/9 3 miles Pilates 4 mi Yoga 3.5 mi Yoga 8 mi
3/16 3 miles Pilates 4 mi Yoga 3.5 mi Yoga 9 mi

Now, I know everyone likes to do their own thing, but I like checking things off. The check gives me satisfaction that I did what I set out to do that day.

Together, these two schedules have helped me time manage. I also use this technique in the off season- like when I had a job. Time management is essential to keeping yourself on track.

The other major factor in exercise is motivation- I think everyone struggles with this at some point or another. So.. Switch it up! Run somewhere new, try another exercise class! After a while, people reach a “plateau” effect. Workouts are boring and results are not as prominent as when you started.

Most importantly- have a support team! Find a group of people to start MyFitnessPal with you. Or get some people at work to run a 5k together! People have much better success in numbers.

Hope everyone has a great day!



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