Posture & Form

In any sort of exercise you do, the most important and essential thing is to have good posture and form! Running, swimming, push ups, sit ups- you name it! I was recently corrected on my push ups and though that it was important to share.

Now, originally I had my arms out shoulder width apart or more. Coming into the down position my shoulders to my elbows would be in line and creating a 90 degree angle with my hands. This is not correct form (GASP! My gym teachers have failed me). The correct way to do it is to start in the same position, but to try and have your elbows point 45 degrees away from your torso in the down position. Not to be confused with tricep pushups, which keep the arms close to the torso. I thought this might be important to share, especially for people like me out there who are double jointed in the elbows.

Bad push up, see the ams?
Correct! see the elbows?









Next are squats! In my soccer days, I blew out my knee and had to wear an imobilizor for a month. Fun stuff. Ever since, I’ve needed to wear a knee brace on my right knee. As a runner, I’ve read several times that squats really help build thigh strength and help running out- but it hurt too much! I was making sure my toes weren’t going over my knees, but it still hurt! I was then told to point my toes out 45 degrees and widen my stance more so than shoulder width apart. Sometimes it helps to hold your toes she you squat to feel if your knees start to move in (they should follow the same angle as your toes in execution) and whether they are passing the toe line or not. It helps to practice in from of a mirror at different views.

like this!

Through my continuous studies, I have also learned about proper posture. Did you know that most people have their head slightly more foreword? This is from reading, computers, phones and electronics. I was like.. no way my neck is fine! Nope. Try it for yourself! have someone put their thumb on/ near your sternum (the middle upper part of your ribcage, right below your collar bone line) and their pointer finger on your nose.  Is it a strait line?  Have them pouch your head back a little.

My last posture is running. There are a lot of small tips to making good form. It’s hard to relax and clear the mind, focus on breathing, watch your feat and keep your back strait all at the same time. You focus on these things long enough though, they become second natures. Here are my major tips:

  • Knees up, toes foreword!
  • Tight core! Super important for any exercise in incorperating both upper and lower body muscles. Especially when running up hills!
  • Shoulder relaxed. If you keep your shoulder’s relaxed, your arms won’t feel so robotic and swing naturally.
  • Eyes up. Keep your gaze and head up!
  • Tuck your butt in. Try to keep your spine strait by curving your butt in.
  • Remember to breath!

For more tips, check out Runner’s World website.

In other news, I tried making kale chips! They came out pretty well. I squeezed a little lemon, sprinkled some garlic powder and salt, and popped them in the oven for 20-25 mins at 350! Yumm!


I registered for my personal trainer exam! The website even has a countdown now. Talk about pressure!!! May 16th!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 2.20.41 PM


Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Half marathon is next saturday!


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