Don’t Cheat When You’re Out To Eat


Pretty cute title right?

In the town of Burlington, Vermont there are plenty of places to go out to dinner. Everything looks so good! The menu gives me anxiety! Who do I listen to? My stomach, my taste buds, or my diet!? Sometimes I feel like I’m having a serious crisis.

What to do?!

Well, if you’re like me, there are several ways to avoid dining turmoil:

  1. Screw your diet!! (don’t even lie, we are all guilty of this one) But seriously, sometimes its okay to cheat. If you work hard all week, its okay to indulge! But not excessively.
  2. Research the menu beforehand. I usually pick this method. I can research what kinds of foods they serve and what actually looks appealing vs. if its calorically worth it. (plus it helps see what’s good for the wallet too).
  3. Split it in half and bag it right away. You can ask for a doggie bag- out of sight out of mind! You’ll find it easier to finish your plate, and trick your brain into being full since the plate is cleaned!
  4. Drink water before eating. This is good for all meals and should be practiced regularly. If you drink at least one glass of water instead of snacking on the bread, chips or other dangerous carbs, you’ll hydrate, keep calories off and fight the appetite!!
  5. Split it with a friend! You and a friend go out to dinner? Split it!!
  6. Greens not grains. A side dish should consist of veggies, not potatoes or rice.

Hopefully this is helpful to those who have a hard time going out to dinner like I do. Diets (I like to refer to them as “eating limitations”) are all about planning before and keeping a level head when you need to improvise!

My half marathon is in 3 weeks!! The ice on the streets has been bad, so I am behind on my running– oops. Wish me luck! Yoga for the Warrior (Bob Harper’s video on youtube) yesterday, 3.6 miles with hills today, yoga and snowboarding tomorrow.


Keep up the good work everyone!


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