Arctic Blues: Correction

Hey everyone!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the process of getting my personal training certificate. Through out my studies I realized I made an error! I’m sorry!

A while back I wrote a post about cross training for my running. I mentioned how I wanted to use the elliptical since it hurt to run. Although using treadmill/elliptical combo is great for over all cardio, it’s no good for race training. The rule of specificity states that if you are training for something in particular (golf, running, basketball, swimming) the only way you’ll improve is if you keep practicing that particular activity. “What do you mean? Isn’t all working my cardiorespiratory endurance?”- why yes! But think about the different muscle groups and motion in each sport. I’m pretty sure your arms don’t circle like the front crawl while you run.

So, if your playing basketball, you can incorporate sprints, throwing and jumping into a gym workout, but the best way is just to practice!!




Yesterday I ran my second ever half marathon- Burlington’s Half Marathon Unplugged! It was so much fun! The course was through the Colchester/ Burlington bike path. It was really beautiful and scenic- always nice to have a pretty distraction. My time was 2:28:19, which is two whole minutes faster than last time! I was still dealing with my upper hamstring/ lower glute injury which slowed me down a bit, but I’m still really happy with my time.

Now I’m just tending to my blisters. I’ve been using some of that anti chaffing stuff during my runs, but I know that I’ve been compensating my right leg and it shows from how my feet rubbed in my shoes.


Made some new running friends!

After this week of stretching and icing, it’ll be time to start my internship (hopefully) and my spartan training! I’m already up to two minutes with my planks!


Addicted to Racing

Hey everyone!

I just picked up my race number for Saturday’s half marathon at 7 AM..  I’m so excited! I hear this one is really pretty because it follows a bike path along Lake Champlain for most of the way- plus it has no hills! I’m really excited to be running this race!

On another note, I think I have a problem. I’m signed up for two other races already! I’m doing the 4(miles) on the 4th by my Maine house in July, and I just signed up for my very first Spartan Race with an old friend from high school! I’m so pumped! After this half, I’ll be filling you guys in on my training program and diet!


I’m also working on getting an internship at a gym this summer! I did some observation hours and I’m going back in on Wednesday as well. Now I should probably find a job to support all my habits….

Stay tuned!