Getting the Feels

Hey ya’ll

I saw this really interesting article about a woman who said she has cried during many a workout. Some people would think “Why would someone cry while working out?” Or some you you who (myself included) are like “jeesh there have been a few work outs that have really pushed the limit!”. I have actually experienced the overwhelming emotions that accompany a good work out. I carry a lot of stress and sometimes on a nice casual run I can feel myself fighting off that surging wave of preemptive tears. Most of my runs are in the quiet solitude of my inner thoughts. I don’t always need music to keep a pace. There have been numerous occasions where I run and all of a sudden the wheels start turning and I begin to see the truth in these “stressors” that have been bothering me non stop. It was nice to see someone else speaking out about this rather embarrassing, personal issue.


Just another reason why exercise is beneficial for not only your body, but your mind and soul as well!

In other news, I have a summer job at a day camp! I also went in for a workout interview. I literally worked out and did an interview. Oh my goodness that was probably the toughest interview I’ve had! Sweating, trying to smile and chat- make it all look effortless. I’ve been looking into a small Vermont gym after this whole internship I had set up fell through at the last minute. The fist guy was opening a new gym and seemed more concerned with his image… oh well. Any who, I went to this new gym and guess what? He wants me to come back a few more times and maybe give me a client! Yay!! I’m going to study up my ACE and talk to my trainer friend to help me make a good workout that’ll knock this guys socks off!

Stay tuned!


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