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Hi everyone!

My mom got one of those fancy activity trackers for her Mother’s Day present and I’ve been eyeballing it ever since. They are a pretty penny, but I think they have some real benefits too! So, I’ve been doing some research and figuring out my criteria. I know for sure I want:

  • A sleep tracker. Sleep is so important and on multiple occasions I’ve been told about my amusing sleep-talking habit. It would be interesting to see how my REM cycles are effected by this attractive quirk.
  • Wireless. So that I don’t have to plug it in everyday to record my data.
  • Corresponding app on my phone/ website on the computer. I know most of them do this, but it’s important to make sure.
  • Not bulky. I have really small wrists.
  • Food tracker. The app/ website should have a calorie counter. I don’t need 7 different websites to track all my stuff! I already have MyFitnessPal but it would be nice if they could sync or something.

There are two things I’m still debating over:

  • Heart Rate monitor. This will give you a much more accurate caloric burn instead of the guestimate from the machine based on your weight. Plus you can see if you’re really pushing yourself, or if you need to boost it up a notch to really get that burn going on (130-170 bpm is pretty good).
  • Watch. I mean, it would be nice to have a watch with this, but I do have my own basic sports watch. I just don’t want an arm party when trying to look professional.

I’ve been looking into a few bracelets and decided to share my research and I’ll share my decision with you all when I finally decide on a brand and make the purchase. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback on these presented here or other bands, I always appreciate it!


Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone seems super cool! I’ve been playing around with my mom’s and it has some awesome features! Although it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or a watch on it, it is compatible with MyFitnessPal aannndd it even has an alarm to remind you to take your meds! I actually have 2 alarms on my phone for my different meds and still forget to take them. I also really like how it asks you to rate your daily mood. I think that is super important and it’s not something we actively sit down and ask ourselves on a day to day basis. Moods effect relationships, productivity, workouts, and overall zen. It doesn’t look cumbersome and could fit snuggly next to my light blue watch! I’ve seen good reviews about the accuracy and fit. So far in my research this seems to be my number one. My mom says it has to go on your non-dominant hand and she wishes it had a watch on it, but is very pleased otherwise. $150



FitBit Flex

Okay, so I really liked the FitBit Force, the one with the watch that was recalled due to skin rashes, so I figure I’ll research this one and if it turns into my number one I’ll wait for it. It syncs wirelessly to my computer and my phone so I can see my progress. It gives you badges, which are a nice little motivator to keep going. RunKeeper does the same and emails me every time I beat my best time. It’s nice to be recognized for my fitness goals even if its from a computer haha. It “plays well with others”- compatible with MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and several other popular weight loss/ fitness apps. I love that it hooks up with RunKeeper! I put my name on their email list for the Force notifications and hope its coming back so I can see it in real life. I’ve also heard good things about the accuracy and overall mechanics of this brand as well. Although, I am concerned about the allergic reactions people have had. I have sensitive skin and I hope they work on something that works for people like me. Flex is $100 and the Force is $130 on Amazon.



Garmin Vívofit

Has a watch and optional heart rate monitor! Tracks my sleep, is wireless, counts burned calories etc. like the rest of them. You have an online community/ app where you track everything.  I don’t think it would sync with MyFitnessPal or any of those apps I also like to use, so that’s kind of a bummer. It’s water resistant so I don’t have to worry about it getting wet on a surprise rain storm or while washing my hands. So, heart rate monitor and watch are a plus, but no food intake is a con. $129 for the band + $70 for the heart rate monitor.



Nike+ FuelBand SE

I don’t really dabble in the Nike world too much, so I was surprised to hear they had a fitness band that was up with the other big names. This band is wireless, but does not have as many features are the other three above. It really focuses on the type of activity, the app that comes with it, the community, and the burned calories. It does have a guilt trip factor that reminds you to be active every hour you are inactive. I guess it starts beeping and you have to get up and do a lap around the office or get some water to make it stop. Not as impressed since it doesn’t track my sleep, this is better for you fitness friends who are just concerned about activity and caloric burn. $99 for regular and $150 for their “gold” edition.




Basis Carbon Steel Edition

I have never heard of MyBasis before. It seems a little bulkier than the others (although I am only looking online) and seems more for the tech crowd. It tracks sleep, stress, and helps the owner understand their cardiovascular health- now that’s pretty interesting. It uses multi sensors and an “optical blood flow sensing technology” in leu of a heart rate monitor (not the same thing though). It also tracks how much you burn during activities. Paired with its app you can even develop healthy habits– holy cow that’s really awesome! So, it has a watch, and somewhat of a heart rate monitor, but also doesn’t sync with my running app and calorie counting app. But the stress management and habit formation is super cool. It has a skin temperature monitor and a perspiration monitor… what? That’s some Big Brother stuff right there! I’m almost speechless! I think this thing is super cool- and $200 to boot! I wish it did the calorie counter, but I am used to plugging that in independently. Man, I am thoroughly impressed with this thing!

After my research I’ve nixed the Nike for sure. I think the FitBit and the Jawbone are my top two- and the Basis is in the “in your dreams” category as far as the price goes. I’ll keep you all posted with my final decision!

Hope everyone has a nice Father’s Day!



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