Doing Some Damage

Hi everyone!

I finally got some clothes with my new personal trainer discount!


Lucy has been around for a bit, but hasn’t quite bloomed as much as Lululemon has (although they are both pretty pricey). Lucy is sending me a rewards discount card in the mail that I can use both in store and online for 25% my total purchase! I’m super excited because I’ve been eyeballing this zip up jacket for almost a month and I finally own it!!! I love it. It doesn’t have thumbholes but it has a really cool top where I can make a cowl neckline if I so choose, or not!

Lucy Hatha Asymmetrical Zip


Athleta is part of the Gap, Banana Republic empire. Their workout clothes are functional, flirty, and really do well to complement different body types and different ages. Not only do they have work out gear for yoga and running, they also have swim gear as well as some really cute everyday stuff. Here I have a card that gives me 30% off in store only. I got two really fun pants!

cn7533807 cn7977430




And then I ordered this jacket online with a special inshore discount. It’s another fancy zipper too. For some reason I was really drawn to fall/ winter gear. I couldn’t resist this jacket because it just screamed Vermont. I’ll no longer have to wear my water resistant jacket with two under layers. Less puffy looking and yet still as warms. Of course clothes don’t make the trainer, but it does feel nice to look a little more professional than wearing an old soccer shirt with a client.


In other news, I’ve finally decided on my life running goal. I would like to run a half marathon in every state. I think I’ll try to do one marathon when I’ve gained enough running experience and picked up my pace time, but for now 13.1 is my new favorite number!


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