Fitness for Hippies

Hey readers!

I’ve been working on a little something thats fun and actually quite ab-tastical!- Hula Hooping!

I had seen a few girls at UVM playing around with their homemade hoops on a beautiful sunny day- and now I know why! It started with a little hula hoop that I cut open, filled with water, and attempted to seal with duct tape. It has now escalated into full on craft fest! There is literally a secret world dedicated to making, selling, and using hula hoops.


I decided to make my own with some PVC piping, a coupling, a hand saw and electrical tape. I found all these at Home Depot and made  two hoops about 42′ diameter for maybe $30 dollars. I’m experimenting with weighted hoops and ways to seal the tubing. You can also buy a weighted fitness hoop for $35 on Amazon or some other fitness website.

Hula hooping, surprisingly, has many benefits besides a decent ab workout. Azcentral says that it can also “enhance concentration, builds stamina, be relaxing due to the natural rhythm of the motion” and some other really cool things! ACE recently did a study on it, concluding that a ” half hour session burns about an average of 210 calories, which is comparable to the exertion of boot-camp style classes, step aerobics and cardio kickboxing.”  If you can try doing up to 10 minutes in both directions, it has really great benefits!

If any of you try to make one, I’d love to see how comes out! Or, if any of you are seasoned pros, i’ll take all the tips I can get on making a good hoop.

I’ve always been busy with my spartan training class and signing up for my third half marathon! October 5th at Hampton Beach, NH. I’m also still meeting my trainer once a week and doing more yoga to work on running core strength- and to stretch out my poor hamstrings!

Yesterday I did a little 2.5 mile sunset hike, today was a rest day, and tomorrow I’m hiking with my cousin! Hope everyone had a nice day.


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