Dealing With Unprofessionals

Hey there!

I have been dealing with some unprofessionalism that has helped me figure out what I want and don’t want in coworkers and my circle of professional allies. After my research, I decided (and as you all know) followed through with ACE. I know a girl who is also interested in becoming a personal trainer and has been going to the same college as I just graduated from in Exercise and Movement Science. At first I thought this was awesome! We could rely on one another and maybe even work at the same place! I could see how whatever program she used differed from mine and continue to expand my knowledge of the health and fitness world.  As time went on, I started to realize that maybe we weren’t on the same page. It started off small, little comments about my ACE books not being “complete” or not “in-depth” enough. When I had told her to check out ACE, since I liked it as an introduction to my personal training career, she did not reply with polite a “oh thank you, I will“. No no, she replied with a “I mean, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it the right way and the best way”… It finally escalated into a conversation that summed up to her telling me to “save up my money so I can become certfied  with a better and more respected degree”- continuing on to telling me that being a personal trainer isn’t going to be enough to live on and can’t be a real career, more like a hobby. ouch. I’ve started to form the impression from observation and others’ comments that she is quite intimidating in all realms of health and fitness. Food, exercise, clothes shopping, etc.

I was actually pretty insulted. Here I am, proudly certified, and someone (who isn’t) is already raining on my parade. To make matters worse, I recently found out that she has been vocalizing her opinions to others about my decisions and my ambitions. Luckily, this came back to me and instead of brooding over this, I’ve taken it to helping me be the best I can be in my path. As a trainer I will

  • Never underestimate a fellow professional. We all come from different places in life. Hard work, determination, focus and kindness is what is the most important.
  • Never want to intimidate clients. Fitness and health is my lifestyle. Some people choose a different lifestyle. It’s similar to religion: I choose my faith and I will share and talk about it, but I will never shove it down someone else’s throat. If you want to listen, I will share all that I can. If not, not problem! I still would like to be your friend!
  • I will continue to believe in myself and surround myself with people who believe in me. Not put me down.

The whole experience sounds more like an attempt to put me down due to insecurities. It’s funny because I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately. But it hasn’t dulled my sparkle at all- if anything, it’s made it even stronger! So a lesson to all of us dealing with adversity- stars shine brightest in the dark.

In other news, I’m seriously looking into a yoga certification. I think yoga is so wonderful and I try to incorporate he principles into my everyday life. I’d enjoy doing yoga and training and incorporating both together to create my own unique training style. I even went on a 6 mile hike and did some balance poses at the top!

Dancer Pose- Natarajasana

My lovely boyfriend made me a really cool PR board! I showed him a few I was thinking of buying and instead he made me one! He painted it with chalk board paint so I can keep updating my times as I go! What a guy!


I also ran my second 4th of July 4 mile road race! I’d like to make it a tradition of sorts and maybe even get my mom to run it someday!

Hope you all have a nice week! I’m off to my volunteer family camp for kids who are terminally ill.


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