Another Interview

Hey everyone!

A few things to share before the interview story:

First off I would like to share my 50 states/50 races dream revamped: I’m dedicating each run to a charity of my choice! So if you would like to support sum an kind by donating, here is my new charity webpage! If you’d like to sponsor to me, that would also be pretty cool. I’ll wear your name/company during my race and make a video shout out to you if you’ll buy my race ticket! Pretty sweet right?


Secondly, something really fun happened recently! Remember how I made those hula hoops a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve been bringing them around with me and having a blast watching my friends and try them out. Well, this past Saturday I met… a professional hooper! I’m not even kidding. She gave me all these tips about making them and even taught me a few tricks! I was having so much fun and working up such a sweat! I’ve seen some girls at a festival dancing to the music with one and now I can too! Sorta…

Lastly, I’m adding a new page to the blog. It’s food recipes and such. So now I’ll have my fitness posts and updates still on the main page, but directions and food recipes on a separate page! Let me know if you all like the update.

Alright, now to the main post- my interview!

My mom has been dropping my name to any fitness enthusiast/ personal trainer she knows (my mom is always pretty good about finding me a job- I’m so lucky!). It turns out some people were listening! Today I went to Energy Fitness & Gymnastics. Its a pretty cute gym, they have a gymnastic set up, a cardio room that faces the gymnastics section- so when your kid is doing their class, you can run or walk for free and watch their class. I think that’s a really cool idea! They see you being health, you see them during their class- win win! In the back they have their training room.

The interview itself was very different. We sat down and he threw some words at me and wanted me to define them in the training world- dedication, big picture, commitment, etc. I wasn’t very prepared but I think I managed to get my point across on why I wanted to be a trainer and such. I went well enough for him to ask me my next availability to do a mock training session! So as soon as I get my schedule next week I’ll let him know. It’s funny, I didn’t even want to go because I’m all set to move up to Vermont at the end of the month and talking to a guy up there at a gym as well. I’m glad I went because it’s more experience I can put under my belt.

Up next? SPARTAN RACE! Stay tuned



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