Hey readers! So much has been happening!

First off: Saturday was my first Spartan Race!!!


This race I really focused on prepping my body. I had no idea what I was in for, so I decided to focus on eating good fuels and drinking water!

The race in itself was AMAZING! I highly recommend it- as long as you have prepared your body and mind for it. It tests you on all levels. But the end result is crossing that finish line and feeling like you really done something amazing.

The other thing that went on was my very first demo interview!!! The gym I had talked to last week asked me to come back and give them a show of what I know. I worked with a nice woman who worked at their customer service desk for 30 minutes where I performed some physical assessments for posture and stability/ mobility along the body. Following my assessment, I performed a demo workout to show her what it would be like to work with me.

Now let me tell you- I was really nervous. I’ve made like two training plans for my friends to do unofficially so this was legit. I think it went okay. It was nice to know the guy observing knew that I have a limited amount of knowledge and that he was trying to see my potential. Its nice when people notice you have potential! Anyways, he said he really liked my demo and that he would contact me in a few days. I honestly couldn’t tell if I got the job or not, but that doesn’t even matter. The point that I did this (and did it to the best of my abilities) is a huge accomplishment.

Here is my demo! The woman I worked with was fit, but you can adjust the weights to whatever is best for you.

Exercise Sets Reps Weights Notes
Step ups 1 15 each leg  none Cardio
Squat medicine ball press 1 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  6 lb medicine ball Squat and push the ball out 5 times, stand and repeat for 4, etc.
Hammer Curl 1 12  15 lbs
Back step Lunges 1 12  7 lbs press the same arm as the leg you lunge with
Bosu Push ups 1 5-10  none  flip the boss over and out your hands on the platform
One Leg Weight Balance 1 10 each leg  10 lbs  stand on one foot and bend with a weight
Side Plank 1 30 seconds  none Side Plank progression

Hope you all like it!

I’ll keep you updated with the results and such!


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