Size Sensitivity Webinar

Hey everyone!

Two weeks ago I was supposed to watch a webinar about size sensitivity and other strategies for obese and oversight clients. I was all excited and ready with my notebook, pens, highlighters, and headphones and what happens? They had to cancel do to technical errors. Bummer.. But they did reschedule it for today and I wanted to share what I learned with you all because it’s some pretty powerful stuff.

The guest speaker, Rochelle Rice specifically works with full figured women on movement expression. As a trainer, most people come in to lose weight. Many trainer start seeing their clients with fat to shed. She believes that weight, body measuring, and other normal measuring methods used are discouraging. Instead, throw out the charts and the exercises and just promote fun and safe activities that encourage the client to take charge of their body. Jump rope! Play with pom-poms! Maybe even hopscotch! Take something they enjoy and can do confidently and go from there! Be consciences of their needs and capabilities and ask them to team up with you in order to make their sessions successful and fulfilling for both of you.

It was interesting to hear her segment on past trauma that effects clients. “What was happening in your life when this weight came on?“. It made me think about the clients with rough patches in their life who haven’t put on visible weight, but may suffer from other side effects from the stress. Some who are anorexic, low self esteem, over compensations in other areas, and any other symptoms that may come to light during a training session. It was something I hadn’t really thought of before.

I think the big picture (applicable to not only the overweight and obese population, but every client and trainer) is: be present and accepting of your body in the present. Be here in this moment as you live, breathe, and exercise. As you body changes, so will your mind. There is no pant size, dress size, or weight that is enforced- if you are happy and are moving, then you are the perfect size.


I also have some exciting news! I have been hired by HammerFit Athletic Club up here in Vermont!! I can’t keep track of my interviews. But I went from Massachusetts to Vermont and now i’m employed- finally!I’ll be doing desk work mostly but they will also let my try and get some clientele. I’m really excited to have this opportunity and grateful that the gym decided to take a chance with me! I finally get a Planet Fitness membership and I get a gym job haha.

Updates to come!!! ♥


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