Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hello readers!

I have a free subscription to PopSugar and every morning it sends me an email with maybe four articles related to health and fitness. The other morning I received one on a clean eating. I think my food journal is going pretty well! I’m starting to find out when I’m hungry or tired and when stress triggers my binge eating. I’m also getting a lot busier so that helps. I liked this list of tips to help combat bad eating habits and thought you’d all be interested. Among the list here are a few points I find most helpful!

  • Cook at home. I find I actually enjoy cooking at home and can tailor recipes to make yummy snacks even better!
  • Don’t hold out to eat. The name of the game is high metabolism. If you stimulate (aka eat) every 2-4 hours, you keep your metabolism engaged and working. I don’t mean gourmet meals, I have 3 big meals and 2-3 small snacks every day.
  • Drink more water. Make sure you drink your water before you eat. Sometimes our brain tells us we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. Plus it aids in digestion when you eat.

I also saw an arm workout which made me feel guilty about neglecting my arms lately. One of the areas I have a problem with is my armpit fat. Like when you put your arms down and you can grab a little something-something? I had been working on lifting with my trainer but now that I’m alone, I feel a little intimidated, but I’m gonna pick it back up. I even have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Weight Lifting Encyclopedia. 700 pages of really helpful exercises and pointers on sculpting your muscles like a body building pro!


The number one tips for weight lifting is “nice and easy”. No need to go crazy your first time trying to impress people, you might end up getting hurt. I’ve provided a few basic moves that I use on the Smith machines (this machine assists with the bar), but can be done with just the bar itself. If you’re a little more advanced, this ACE article I found really explains each move and the target muscles- there is even a video of a woman doing the exercises).

First Time for Heavy Weights

  1. Bench Press– make sure your feet are planted on the ground and your core is engaged while lying down. Grab the bar shoulder width apart. Bring arms down so that the bar is several inches above the nipple line. Exhale when you press upward.
  2. Wide Grip Bench Press– This is similar to the normal bench press but it works your outer deltoids (or as I like to call it, “arnold the armfat”). Again, lower the bar to a few inches above the nipple line and exhale as you press upwards.
  3. Strait Leg Dead Lift– Stand with the bar over your laces and your toes out maybe 20 degrees. Give a slight bend in your knees and grab the bar with one overhand and one underhand grip. Keep the chest up and arms strait. Stand up and exhale (but don’t lock your knees). Bring the weight back down with control and keep your form.
  4. Bent Over Rows– Set yourself up similarly to the Dead Lift (but both hands are an underhand grip). Slight bend in the knees and keep your chest up. Pull the bar to your ribs/sternum and exhale (middle bone of your rib cage) continually engaging your core.
  5. Military Press– stand with feet hip width distance apart. grab the bar with and overhand grip in line with your collar bone (arms should be tucked right in on your sides). Press the bar up, moving your head back slighting so you don’t hit your nose. Exhale when arms are straight up.

Ladies. Unless you are on testosterone or any steroids, you will not bulk up and lose your feminine physic. If you’re still worried, use less weight and more reps. This will increase strength and define muscles, but not bulk. Make sure to stretch the muscles after work so they lengthen and lean at the same time. Downward dog… just sayin.

I did my squat routine from my last post the other day and my inner thighs were super sore the following day! Check it out!

In other news: Remember how I was telling you all about NBC filming my race? It’s aired September 23rd at 10pm (eastern time)! If you aren’t sleeping/working/sweating, you should totally check it out online! I was so excited to see the course and the expressions of my friends when they see what I did. They show the morning crew/elite/hurricane heat so I didn’t get my 15 seconds of fame, but still cool to see these jacked guys and gals going at it.

Speaking of TV fame, HammerFit was on TV yesterday! We have a wellness fair coming up along with the grand opening of our very own Juice Bar!

Also, I finally figured out how to make tabs for different categories. So now at the top of the blog you’ll see different pages. All my new posts will show up in home, but if you click on a different header, you’ll go to posts only dedicated to that topic (ie. workouts). Now that I finally figured this out, I’ll refer to posts and use their links- like I just did with me squat routine.

My race is NEXT WEEKEND! say whaatttt!!!

Is everyone ready for fall?!


My First Client

Hi everyone!

Wednesday was my group interview for what I thought was Athleta, but turned out to be for Lululemon. My white wale! I have tried to apply so many times only to be ignored. Not even a blatant “You do not fit what we are looking for”- just radio silence. How rude! I decided to go even though I had accepted the job at Athleta. I was curious to see how their interview process differed and if I would even get a “call back”.  I can conclude that I do not like group interviews. Right off the bat I noticed that 5 of the 6 girls being interviewed were blonde. Of us six girls, four were wearing the brand (not me, I think that’s kind of silly). I won’t really go into detail about the process. They just asked us questions and we would go around and answer them. It felt more like trying to get into a sorority than interviewing for a retail job. My interview with Athleta was much more along the lines of what I was expecting both as a clothing store job and a fitness opportunity. I’m really excited to be a part of the crew- I think that it would be a really great platform for my own health and fitness as well as my professional life.

My profile is finally up on HammerFit! I felt so weird writing it. I wasn’t sure how to present myself to future potential clients without sounding lame. I also made one for the flyer for all the trainers at the gym that talks more about my interests as a trainer. I had my first client Thursday. He’s a seasoned runner and has been working with a trainer at HammerFit who recently retired. His needs more of a motivating gym buddy than someone to actually give him a workout routine. He was telling me about his sports history and how he was into Chi Running. I’ve actually heard this term before but wasn’t quite sure what it meant.


  • Chi refers to the belief that there is an energy force inside us that unties the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Similar to Tai Chi, the goal is to harness the inner energy and align it properly (in this case it applies to your running posture and not your fighting posture)- making running enjoyable and pain free
  • There 10 techniques the program focuses on that are tweaked from person to person depending on different variables (skill level, previous injuries, etc.)

I wanted to do some research and maybe my client will talk more about it with me. I like the sound of pain free running!

An old coworker of mine was asking me for some good inner thigh moves- I gave her a few of my go-to exercises because it’s one of my target areas as well. As a runner, I’ve been trying to strengthen my thighs so that once they begin to fatigue from running, more muscles will be helping out. Plus, I was reading about exercises in different directions. We mostly move forward, so its super important to move in different planes in order to keep running/spinning a quad dominant sport. No more tight hamstrings please!!

I don’t know about 30 minutes, more like 30 days if done 3 times a week!

Bye Bye Inner Thigh!  (Repeat 2X)

  1. Wide squats (10 reps)
  2. Speed Skater (10 reps)
  3. Side lunges ((10 reps each leg)
  4.  Pilates Inner Thigh Lifts (10 lift and lower, 10 pulses EACH leg-ouch)
  5.  Narrow Squat with a kick Back (10 reps)
  6.  Sumo Squat(10 reps)
  7. Narrow Squat with a side lift (10 reps each leg)
  8. Glute Bridge pulse with towel/block in-between your legs to squeeze (10 reps)
  9. Drawing circles (5 circles both directions, each leg)
  10. Crisscrossing  (10 reps)

Notice something? That’s right… squats baby! If you are unsure of any movement, just google images or YouTube. There are tons of pictures and demo videos!

It’s Thigh Time PopSugar video is also really awesome!!

Monday I climbed my first 4,000 footer! Mount Mansfield up here in Vermont! I had no idea how to pack- a threw in a scarf, rain jacket, food, and a few more layers just to be safe. I think I actually prepared quite nicely. The top was about 40 degrees with some good wind- totally worth it for the view. We even hiked a little on the Long Trail. I think it would be kind of neat to do all the 4,000 footers in Vermont. Maybe some in Maine too!


view from the chin

Hope you all have a fun day! ♥

PS- My Half is in two weeks! Don’t forget to donate! Help me raise money for Camp Sunshine and all the good it does for sick kids and their families!

Falling Off the Wagon

Hey readers!

Boy, if I thought last week was busy! This week brings along all new challenges.

First off, my Jawbone UP24 is totally on the fritz- and by that I mean it is broke completely and I don’t know why. Fortunately, I contacted the company and they are sending me a new one! It’ll be here next weekend. Now that my body is used to the vibrating alarms and reminders, its hard to remember on my own!

Then, my break lines broke… coasting-into-my-neighborhood-without-the-ability-to-stop broke. It was quite the thrilling ride! My poor fist car was “bleeding” break line fluid all in the street. Since I have no ride, I can’t stay at my place and I’ve been sleeping at my boyfriend’s apartment because it’s an easy 10 minute walk to Teavana and Athleta (both located on Church st).

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 8.13.28 AM
The blue dot is my boyfriends house, purple is my house, and red is hammer fit.

Needless to say its been a bit stressful, and when I’m stressed- I binge eat.

I was doing so well this summer! Fighting off temptations, not drinking soda, being more mindful about the things I put on my plate. When stress comes rearing its ugly head (dragging anxiety and poor sleep with it) all I can do is eat and eat and eat. As you know, I enjoy using MyFitnessPal, but let’s be honest- if I’ve binged on food that exceeds my daily recommended intake, I’m not going to log it. Why make myself feel worse and continue the cycle? It sounds bad, but the red warning of caloric doom doesn’t motivate me to eat the right way. On Pinterest, I found an interesting article about over-shopping (because that’s another thing I do when I’m stressed) that reccomended using a journal to write about the shopping incident and the feelings that prompted it/feelings that followed it. I though that maybe I should try this out for food!

So, I bought myself a journal and journaled my first day. The goal is to find correlations between food, time of day, and feelings. This journal isn’t really for calories and I won’t use crazy measurements. I’m hoping its a “Judgement Free” book where I don’t make myself feel guilty but more accepting and therefore help me find a better way to deal with stress, anxiety, and life’s curve balls. So far its been going well!

My template. I write the time next to the food.

I went on a 6.7 mile run and found myself accidentally crossing the finish line of a local 10K. I’m not even kidding. People were clapping and cheering! I just kept running as fast as I could because I was so embarrassed! I can’t believe I crashed their race. Whoops!

Hope you all have a great day ❤

Up next: My first client!!!

Busy Beaver

Hey everyone!

Happy September! Hope everyone is adjusting well to the colder weather- although Vermont has been fluctuating quite a but between 85 degrees and 50. Autumn up here is always my favorite. The trees slowly change color on the highway and the drive is beautiful, but this week I’ve been too busy to really stop and admire it.

I joined a planet fitness! I just did the $10/ month at the gym in South Burlington (and that $40 dollar start up fee plus the annual $30 for membership which was NOT something I knew about prior). It’s not too bad. Everything is pretty purple but its not too packed at 6am. I even got a free t-shirt! The only bummer is that they don’t have any medicine balls/ exercise balls and they don’t have a very big floor space for mats. Other then that, I am very satisfied with my membership cost and what they provide. An added bonus is a really nice running loop right outside the gym.

I also moved to Vermont! I found a room nice room from a women who posted a room share ad. She is really cool and her kids are cute, I just feel bad that I won’t be around that much.

During my move, I walked around and applied to every store I could think of- I currently have jobs at Athleta, HammerFit gym, and Teavana. This is my training week which consists of:

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.33.19 AM
Yup. That’s a 5am shift

I have a feeling I’m going to be very busy. But! I did have my first gym shift and they asked me to write up a bio and give a photo so they could make a new sheet of all their trainers (THAT’S ME!). I’m really excited they want to put me on the floor already. I’m really nervous but I think I’ll be good at my job. They gym is low key and I don’t have many desk hours. Somehow I’ll figure out how to manage my three jobs… I’ll keep you all updated about the Athleta “fitness expert” position as soon as I get my training hours.

In order to keep some sanity I finally bought my graduation present- my very first little Bonsai tree!!! I’m very excited to get my zen on seeing as that I’ve been asking for one for a while. I think it’ll be nice to prune and care fore as a little hobby that isn’t too involved.

As for working out….  won’t lie, I’ve been slacking. Between living out of my car for a week, puppy sitting, and trying to find a job- exercise has been out on the back burner. Now that I’ve moved in and have a somewhat put together schedule, I’m hoping to fit in the workouts.

33 days to my next Half Marathon!

PS- September is national Thyroid Cancer awareness month (among other things) and I just wanted to remind you all to check your necks!