Busy Beaver

Hey everyone!

Happy September! Hope everyone is adjusting well to the colder weather- although Vermont has been fluctuating quite a but between 85 degrees and 50. Autumn up here is always my favorite. The trees slowly change color on the highway and the drive is beautiful, but this week I’ve been too busy to really stop and admire it.

I joined a planet fitness! I just did the $10/ month at the gym in South Burlington (and that $40 dollar start up fee plus the annual $30 for membership which was NOT something I knew about prior). It’s not too bad. Everything is pretty purple but its not too packed at 6am. I even got a free t-shirt! The only bummer is that they don’t have any medicine balls/ exercise balls and they don’t have a very big floor space for mats. Other then that, I am very satisfied with my membership cost and what they provide. An added bonus is a really nice running loop right outside the gym.

I also moved to Vermont! I found a room nice room from a women who posted a room share ad. She is really cool and her kids are cute, I just feel bad that I won’t be around that much.

During my move, I walked around and applied to every store I could think of- I currently have jobs at Athleta, HammerFit gym, and Teavana. This is my training week which consists of:

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.33.19 AM
Yup. That’s a 5am shift

I have a feeling I’m going to be very busy. But! I did have my first gym shift and they asked me to write up a bio and give a photo so they could make a new sheet of all their trainers (THAT’S ME!). I’m really excited they want to put me on the floor already. I’m really nervous but I think I’ll be good at my job. They gym is low key and I don’t have many desk hours. Somehow I’ll figure out how to manage my three jobs… I’ll keep you all updated about the Athleta “fitness expert” position as soon as I get my training hours.

In order to keep some sanity I finally bought my graduation present- my very first little Bonsai tree!!! I’m very excited to get my zen on seeing as that I’ve been asking for one for a while. I think it’ll be nice to prune and care fore as a little hobby that isn’t too involved.

As for working out….  won’t lie, I’ve been slacking. Between living out of my car for a week, puppy sitting, and trying to find a job- exercise has been out on the back burner. Now that I’ve moved in and have a somewhat put together schedule, I’m hoping to fit in the workouts.

33 days to my next Half Marathon!

PS- September is national Thyroid Cancer awareness month (among other things) and I just wanted to remind you all to check your necks!


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