The Race for Human Kind: NH

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things suddenly picked up and these past two weeks I feel like I’ve been rushing rushing rushing!

Let me catch you all up a bit-

My poor car has been giving me such grief. First the breaks, then a flat tire that resulted in me getting towed the night before my 5am gym shift (ugh what timing!). On top of that, I was getting some serious hours from Athleta until something with payroll occurred. Anyone working part time has been schedule for 9 hours this week. I really enjoy having a schedule set, so this has been a bit frustrating to work with. Not to mention my student loan payments start next month and working 50+ hours is how I was planning on paying for rent, loans, food, and gas.

As for the rest? I won’t lie to you dear reader. It’s been pretty tough finding time to go to the gym or even time and money for a decent meal. I really feel myself growing unhealthy and less happy. I sat down on Friday and made myself a weekly time organizer and a monthly workout plan. It’s time to “reinvent my fitness wheel”.

It finally happened! SMUTTY NOSE 2014!!! 

I was able to donate $245 dollars on my fundraising page! (hence the name of the post)


The race had over 4,00 participants. It took me almost 9 minutes to cross the starting line! The weather was beautiful, the energy was high, and the course was fantastic which seriously made up for my worst running time I hope to ever get! The map provided on the race website was not updated, so the pre-race drive through I did with my family was a little different than race day, but non the less, the course was great! I think there were maybe two hills. One was short and sweet, the other winded through some back neighborhoods. I cannot express how much I enjoyed running along the ocean!

As for the technical aspect of my race, I decided on a different goal than a PR- since I didn’t feel very prepared, I decided to focus more on listening to my body. My three main goals of this race were:

  1. finish under 3 hours (narrowly missed by 15 minutes)
  2. to not be last
  3. to run to recover

The last one was the main goal. Between the severe chills, blisters, and stomach pains- running long distances seemed like a gamble. Fortunately for this race, they had water stations and Gatorade stations almost every 2.5 miles. I thought maybe that would suffice in helping me with my electrolytes, but at mile 6 someone handed me a gel pack.

Now, I don’t have much experience with gels and goo, but I wasn’t going to say no if they were handing out for free. I have heard a lot of long distance runners talk about their snacks but never tried them before. The flavor was vanilla and the texture was awful. I don’t even know what to compare it to. Thick jelly? petroleum? I stopped running in the hopes that this bizarre goop didn’t decide to come back up while my stomach was juggling from running. I ate it pretty slowly from mile 8 on and its the darnedest thing- I recovered really well after the race! Expect a post about different gels in the near future.

There is nothing like spending two hours alone with your thoughts. I realize now that I was pretty angry for most of the race. I was angry at myself for not preparing as much as I should have and i was angry at my health. it really sucks having metabolism issues, especially if you don’t have a thyroid. Self monitoring is stressful. Am I tired because I didn’t sleep well or is it something to do with my medication? The weight fluctuation is another thing entirely. I know I will manage it over time, I just need to make peace with my missing organ and my new blue pill every morning. It could always be worse- right?

I only ended up with 3 blisters. That’s a major step up from 10+. Walking isn’t nearly as bad as post other races. I attribute this so nylon socks! I had bought some from Lululemon and used them once or twice. I think it was because they weren’t too warm, so my feet didn’t sweat profusely initially and then clam up like the usually do. During my shift at Athleta yesterday I found out that we so sell socks like these (and I get 50% off for being an employee) as well as Smartwool running socks. My mom had heard from other runners with first hand blister experience that wool socks were the way to go. I purchased three different pairs to try out in hopes that all three will help me out in the future.

Smart wool socks. Padded and not padded.
Nylon compression sock- feetures















Yesterday I walked on the tredmill for 25 minutes and then tried walking slowly backwards for 5 minutes. Someone at HammerFit asked me about an article they read. This reminded me of a similar article that talked about lunges and the benefits of multi directional exercises to work muscles in a different direction then they are accustomed to. I looked somewhat silly staring at the screaming yellow wall at Planet Fitness instead of the TV and the rest of the gym, but it felt good on my hamstrings. Just in case you’ve ever seen someone doe this and wonder why.

Today is a jogging mile, abs, and stretching. I’m not pushing myself yet to make sure my body recovers in the next few days from the half.


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