Time Management-Revamped

Hello everyone!

I’ve posted before about time management and provided some examples of my week to week and monthly workout plan, but this time I wanted to provide you with the means to do it yourself. I have been having some issues and decided to be a little more thorough this time. I filed with under “Workouts” because it has to do with scheduling in your workouts as well as giving yourself a little downtime.

The Play-By-Play

Most of us have some sort of normalcy to our work/school/ life schedule. Book club is always on Thursday at 8 pm. Psych 100 is on Mondays and Fridays from 11a m-1:30 pm. You get my drift. Of course life comes up and there are unexpected events that happen and disrupt your normal day. It’s important (especially if you’re just starting to work out or are seriously changing your schedule around) that you manage your time efficiently. I really enjoy color coding different blocked off times. that way I can give a quick glance to my week and known that I’m totally booked Fridays and may want that to be my rest day. Its imprtant to give yourself those 3-4 workouts a week- whether it be a nice run, that fun kickboxing class you’ve been wanting to try, getting your groove on with the weights, or even 30 minutes to stretch and relax. That’s your time to be with your body and let the stress fade away.

This is the weekly template I like to use.


One Month at a Time 

Sometimes looking at a 6 month workout plan all clumped together seems a little discouraging. Going month-by-month can help with the short term goals within a longer span of training. If you have a goal to lose 20 lbs in 4 months, have a weight in at the end of each month. Breaking down the mountain into a few little hills makes the task far less daunting!

Here is a totally blank one month print-out.



Hopefully you all find this helpful!


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