Holiday Season is Coming…


I realize it’s been a little longer since my last post (sorry about that)!

Tis the season to eat! Although people emphasize the six weeks from Thanksgiving to New years as majority of weight gain, I believe the time frame is much broader. Halloween all the way until Easter is an abundance of sugar, sweets, candies, and binge eating.These four months challenge many people to one of the most difficult diet issue- self control and portion control.

Before I dive into anything, let me start by saying: eat some candy, have a slice of pie, hell maybe even two! Just be mindful of what you are eating. Is it the rest of the secret Halloween stash you’re craving, or is it that you’re thirsty? Choose wisely. What foods are okay to go for seconds, which ones are good in small doses, and which should you just plain avoid?

Portion control. Grab a small plate! Do you know the appropriate measurements for each food group? Here is a helpful hand chart!

Double click for a larger pic


I think my biggest issue is the self control and practice mindfulness while making up my plate. everything just looks so yummy. Over the years I’ve actually done really well not gaining thanksgiving weight, grabbing little samples of each delicious looking dish. I get to taste everything without adding thousands (no joke) of calories to your body.

ACE put out an interesting article on the effects of Sugar and how people should be a lot more worried about the long term effects.

Have no fear! You can still have your cake and eat it too.