2015 Started A Little Early

There is something calming about going through an early life crisis. Like standing in front of a hurricane and smiling because you know the sunshine is coming and all you need to do is hold on tight until it’s here.


Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Something somewhat terrifying (actually more along the lines of mortifying) happened to me the other day and I thought it mad a bigger picture message.

I got real sick.

I’m not just talking tummy ache-lay-in-bed kind of sick. I’m talking room spinning, head throbbing, blurry vision, feelin like I’m on a boat and I don’t have my sea legs sick.

I was at Athleta (finally, after a whole month of not being put on the schedule) and I was feeling horrible. I finally pulled someone aside and said I could stick it out for a four hour shift but I needed to get to my bed ASAP. My boyfriend called me and I sounded so distressed that he drove to get me. We got back to his place and I immediately be lined for his bed. I was so sick. I’ve had really bad sinus headaches before, but I have never ever felt this way. Then I finally got sick sick (sparing you all the details) and laid down to sleep for almost 12 hours!

Why am I telling you this? This is my post about totally body-mind connection and how important it is to know your own body.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil people. Picking up shifts and trying to work 12 hour days to make enough money to pay bills and live life. I know I would have to really work once I graduated and I’m totally cool with that. But getting this sick was a high wake up call. I already have a hard time keeping a good sleep cycle and catching up on sleep, and now this? I felt so aggravated and disconnected. I thought I could do it all.

Then I sat back and figured out I had an allergic reaction to something! I have bad mold allergies!

The point of the story is that sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. And when you’re tired and stressed you feel like a zombie, and not like a whole person. And when you’ve had a serious health problem, it makes a bad day even scarier. But taking a moment to breath and check in can really make a difference and give peace of mind. It’s empowering to know who you are and your body. Even after cancer I still feel like I have a good sense of how my new body functions. This stress and sickness made me realize I do need to make a change and de stress a bit so that this doesn’t happen more often. So here is my kick start to 2015!

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My First HIIT Class

Yesterday I subbed for a HIIT class!

HIIT classes are super great. They are high intensity, usually shorter than an hour, give-it-all-you-got kind of class. The instructor who usually does it is super intense. I felt a bit of pressure trying to give these people a class as good as her’s. I tried to think of my spartan class and take things from there.

Here is my HIIT it and Quit it Class

  1. Running in place with high knees
  2. Burpees (optional push up)
  3. Prisoner squats and don’t be afraid to drop it low
  4. Jump rope
  5. Bulgarian squats with weights. This is one of my new favorite exercises
  6. Farmers walks
  7. Boat pose with either straight legs or bent knees

It was fun how it all kind of work out. If you do it on your own, it’s a minute each and you do the circuit twice. With a group, I used the farmer’s walk station as my timer and everyone would switch when that person did three laps (averaged about a minute- 1:15). Added a little pressure and teamwork to the dynamic.

After we did that, we did a minute plank and then plank with an oblique side crunch for about a minute alternating legs.


I had a lot of fun teaching and showing my knowledge of exercises. It made me feel good about my personal training future and gave me a little confidence for my yoga class- coming up in 2 weeks!!

Hope you liked the work out and you could feel the burn!!

My first PT flyer!
My first PT flyer!


Dry Brushing

Hope you all are doing well with the busy holiday season!

I wanted to tell you all about dry brushing! Now guys, before you exit- just give me a chance to explain. I found dry brushing on pinterest- where all good ideas live. I’ve heard of it before, but never really thought anything of it. The link had me intrigued and so I clicked to learn more.


Why should you dry brush? Dry brushing helps stimulate lymph and cardiovascular flow. It also promotes tighter skin, new cell growth, and aids in kidney and digestion. Stimulating your lymphatic system helps drain out the toxins in your body. They key to this is to dry brush towards your heart. I think another added benefit people haven’t included is anxiety reducing. I feel very relaxed and refreshed when I dry brush. Personally, I dry brush before I get in the shower to then clean my new, dead skin cell free skin. After the shower, I’ll use a nice gentle cream (non-clogging because I have sensitive skin) and I feel fresh and ready for the day.

dry skin brush direction

sources: Huffington Post, EatingBirdFood, and Ashley’sGreenLife

A few tips to start

  • always brush dry skin
  • if you can, use a natural brush. I have a cheap synthetic loofah from the grocery store. I don’t dry brush every day because it’s not a natural material. But you should aim to dry brush almost daily.
  • brush towards your heart- stimulates cardiovascular and lymphatic flow.
  • Don’t dry brush your face- I tried it out and it hurt the skin and my checks were red

I have noticed such a difference! I have dry, bumpy skin on the backs of my arms and legs, which is now significantly smother and the redness is almost gone! My cellulite is diminishing, and the best part? It’s helping out my stretch marks! It’s by no means a drastic change, but I can detect a slight difference in the skin’s firmness (skin elasticity). So guys (if you are still with me) this can help with dry skin, it will make your skin more firm, and give you more of a natural manly glow.

I’ve gotten into more home remedy stuff because it’s cheap and convenient , it usually works better than anything over the counter, and I really enjoy the excuse to spend time with myself. Whether it’s dry brushing, face masks, or any other beauty regimen, it’s nice to give myself some well deserved pampering.

If you have any cardiovascular/ lymphatic issues, you should consult your doctor before dry brushing. Certain diseases/illnesses can be exacerbated by stimulation.  

In other news: I subbed for two classes yesterday!!! It was the first time I’ve ever taught a fitness class and I had a great time! It’s nice to belong to a gym that is also a community. Everyone in both classes were so encouraging and gave me useful feedback. overall they said I did a good job and that I gave a challenging class. I’ll post the HIIT class workout I did for ya’ll!

Hope you’re having a nice holiday!


New yoga goal for 2015!

183.5 Hours to Go

Hi there 🙂

The yoga training has officially begun. It’s really cool and I totally had a different experience in mind.  It’s truly a training class on how to live yoga and not the “eat.breath.sleep” kind. It’s more about opening yourself to the universe and seeking the light. I’ve learned chants in Sanskrit along with the stories of Buddha and other deities. I was really intimidated to go at first. I’m totally not a flexible gal and these people were literally bending in half!! I don’t know ashtanga vinyasa yoga very well, so some of the poses are pretty foreign and mind boggling. After one class, I felt welcomed. I’m not ashamed I’m new because I don’t really feel judged. My peers and teacher accept me where I am and want to help me get to my peace of mind on my own level, not theirs. It’s really exciting to be apart of, I can’t wait to see what else I learn.

In the meantime, I seriously need to work on my headstands and forearm stands. There are a lot of health benefits from inverting. Plus, It’s a serious core workout fighting gravity. If you think about it, having a good posture is a core workout, hanging upside down makes those muscles work at a different angle. My goal for now is to stretch everyday (my poor hamstrings) and work on my headstands until I can do them without a wall behind me

I also found some good webinars about finding my inner voice and how to be a good teacher. I’m hoping these help me out a bit on my journey.

As part of my training, the gym is letting me teach a 4 part beginners class on Monday nights at 8. I’m really nervous. I’ve never taught a class before and class presentations were always awful. Hopefully I feel a little more natural in this setting. I also hope someone comes. It’s the only time the studio was open that I was available for.

♥ Updates to come!