183.5 Hours to Go

Hi there 🙂

The yoga training has officially begun. It’s really cool and I totally had a different experience in mind.  It’s truly a training class on how to live yoga and not the “eat.breath.sleep” kind. It’s more about opening yourself to the universe and seeking the light. I’ve learned chants in Sanskrit along with the stories of Buddha and other deities. I was really intimidated to go at first. I’m totally not a flexible gal and these people were literally bending in half!! I don’t know ashtanga vinyasa yoga very well, so some of the poses are pretty foreign and mind boggling. After one class, I felt welcomed. I’m not ashamed I’m new because I don’t really feel judged. My peers and teacher accept me where I am and want to help me get to my peace of mind on my own level, not theirs. It’s really exciting to be apart of, I can’t wait to see what else I learn.

In the meantime, I seriously need to work on my headstands and forearm stands. There are a lot of health benefits from inverting. Plus, It’s a serious core workout fighting gravity. If you think about it, having a good posture is a core workout, hanging upside down makes those muscles work at a different angle. My goal for now is to stretch everyday (my poor hamstrings) and work on my headstands until I can do them without a wall behind me

I also found some good webinars about finding my inner voice and how to be a good teacher. I’m hoping these help me out a bit on my journey.

As part of my training, the gym is letting me teach a 4 part beginners class on Monday nights at 8. I’m really nervous. I’ve never taught a class before and class presentations were always awful. Hopefully I feel a little more natural in this setting. I also hope someone comes. It’s the only time the studio was open that I was available for.

♥ Updates to come!


2 thoughts on “183.5 Hours to Go

  1. That is fabulous progression! Congrats on working towards life changing goals 🙂
    I’m studying for the National Cert for personal training and also want to get certified for nutrition.
    I’m sure you will do great with teaching! With how much effort & research it sounds that you have done, you will be an inspiration to them. What webinars did you find on teaching that you found helpful?


    • Thanks for your kind words! I certainly feel a little more confident!
      For now I have these vidoes I found on youtube. I think for PT the best thing I did was work with a trainer. That way I could ask questions and be given a real life scenario answer. Plus, what better way to apply your learning than to yourself for a first hand experience?
      Good luck with your cert!!


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