2015 Started A Little Early

There is something calming about going through an early life crisis. Like standing in front of a hurricane and smiling because you know the sunshine is coming and all you need to do is hold on tight until it’s here.


Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Something somewhat terrifying (actually more along the lines of mortifying) happened to me the other day and I thought it mad a bigger picture message.

I got real sick.

I’m not just talking tummy ache-lay-in-bed kind of sick. I’m talking room spinning, head throbbing, blurry vision, feelin like I’m on a boat and I don’t have my sea legs sick.

I was at Athleta (finally, after a whole month of not being put on the schedule) and I was feeling horrible. I finally pulled someone aside and said I could stick it out for a four hour shift but I needed to get to my bed ASAP. My boyfriend called me and I sounded so distressed that he drove to get me. We got back to his place and I immediately be lined for his bed. I was so sick. I’ve had really bad sinus headaches before, but I have never ever felt this way. Then I finally got sick sick (sparing you all the details) and laid down to sleep for almost 12 hours!

Why am I telling you this? This is my post about totally body-mind connection and how important it is to know your own body.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil people. Picking up shifts and trying to work 12 hour days to make enough money to pay bills and live life. I know I would have to really work once I graduated and I’m totally cool with that. But getting this sick was a high wake up call. I already have a hard time keeping a good sleep cycle and catching up on sleep, and now this? I felt so aggravated and disconnected. I thought I could do it all.

Then I sat back and figured out I had an allergic reaction to something! I have bad mold allergies!

The point of the story is that sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. And when you’re tired and stressed you feel like a zombie, and not like a whole person. And when you’ve had a serious health problem, it makes a bad day even scarier. But taking a moment to breath and check in can really make a difference and give peace of mind. It’s empowering to know who you are and your body. Even after cancer I still feel like I have a good sense of how my new body functions. This stress and sickness made me realize I do need to make a change and de stress a bit so that this doesn’t happen more often. So here is my kick start to 2015!

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