The Dream Is Becoming A Reality

Hello there

What a wonderful day I just had!

First, I started off with my Yoga Teacher training, which has been going so well! I’ve already passed 60 hours. Since starting, I really changed my idea of teaching and how I want to go about it. Plus, I’m starting to branch out to try other branched of yoga- which leads me to my next fun event of the day.

Burlington has it’s 7th annual yoga conference going on today and tomorrow. There are a ton of interesting classes, as well as henna, yoga clothes, and massages! With teacher training all morning and work all day tomorrow, I made an effort to try one class out- Ayurvedic Yoga Flow- Lunar Series. The workshop was taught by a woman who has a yoga clinic up in Montreal. She gave a little background Ayurveda (of course I took some notes):

  • It’s the medicinal sister science to yoga. The two go hand in had. While yoga focuses on breathing, poses, and alignments Ayurveda is more concentrated on diet, body cleaning and lifestyle
  • There are 5 elemental beliefs: air, earth, fire, water, and space and the relationships between the elements are called doshas
  • The main goal is to keep everything balanced and in harmony. A lot of things throw out off balance. We are born with certain characteristics and our life, environment and interactions can throw us out of sync.
  • Sleep and digestion are closely related and some practiconers hone in on that as an area of study
This was last year’s conference photo in the same room I was in.

After the quick summary, we started the asana (poses) portion. Have you heard of sun salutes? Well, today I finally learned moon salutes. I had always wondered if there was a moon salute or some sort of night sequence. I enjoyed it a lot and it helped inspire me for my own class.

Speaking of class… I have two of my own classes! The free series I was doing has continued and now I get paid. Which, is all fine and good, but it’s just such a honor to be able to teach others and grow as a yoga instructor. I’ve even started private lessons. It’s hard to advertise at my gym, but I’m slowly making waves. The other class I’m teaching is a QuickFit class on Fridays. I have a “usually crew” that comes in and we all have a good sweaty time. I do burped, weights, body weight exercises, and cardio. Each week is always different.

A nice added benefit from teaching my classes, is that I use the money I make each month to pay towards my teacher training sessions.

To top my day off, I came back to snuggle with my puppy and make dream catchers. It was a nice zen day to the very end.

My puppy 🙂



What’s up next? Training for my half marathon, working towards my 200 hour, working on my New Years Resolutions, and working towards my nutrition certification. As well as looking for a new protein powder (post coming soon).

May you be filled with love and kindness, May you be peaceful and at ease, May you be well, May you know happiness and the roots of all happiness 

I got side crow!



Don’t Skip Leg Day!

Hey everyone!

I was working in the gym the other day when I started to notice a pretty funny similarity with some of the usual weight lifters. Chicken legs! Big brawny men walking around with the skinniest of legs. I’m pretty sure my calves were bigger than half the usual 6pm crowd. Sure, having a muscular upper body is pretty sweet and you can flex and rip shirts all you want, but nice legs are a bonus too.

All jokes aside, Working your lower body has just as many benefits. I’ve been working on my squats more and I’ve already noticed a difference in my running. Cross training your muscles helps them in other areas of fitness and in daily life. By strengthening my quads/hamstrings, I’ve increased there endurance for my runs. Plus- I fill out my jeans quite nicely now 😉

The exercise routine I’m about to share was inspired by the gym and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda music video. Her butt is ginormous! I didn’t know what people meant when they said she had glute implants but I sure as heck do now! Jeesh! She can certainly twerk like a champ with all that booty! Do you think she has to get her pants custom made? Dose Drake actually like her dancing on him like that? Does she qualify for Guinness book of world records for biggest fake bum? So many questions!!

This is really happening people.

For those out there who would like a nice behind but think plastic surgery is a bit of an overkill, here is my song challenge workout! I indicated when to switch moves by the first lyric of the section. Listen to the song if you haven’t heard it before while introducing yourself to the moves. Then give it a go!

Equpiment: A chair/ stool and weights if you want them!

Anaconda A$$ Workout 

  • First Verse- Sumo squats with a side kick. Make sure your knees aren’t over your toes and you don’t wimp out on your squats!
  • My Anaconda Don’t- Bulgarian Squats. Make it harder with weights!
  • Oh My Gosh, look At Her Butt- Second position pulse. Really make sure to pulse and keep the knees in the 90° degree position!
  • Second Verse-squat with a kick back. arm variation: stick your arms out forward as you go back to help with balance. Make it harder with weights!
  • He Loves My Big Fat Ass (until the song ends)- four point hops. If this is uncomfortable with your knees (or you have any knee/hip/thigh issues), try plyo squats. this is when you do a normal squat and instead of pushing up to standing, you jump. This eliminates any weird/uncomfortable movement that might occur with multi-plane movements.

Now I know that some of these poses are kind funny, maybe try this exercise out alone first. Maybe I’ll make this a workout video someday- just need to work on my stage fright!


I Know I Keep Saying It…

But I am so darn busy!!!

Between the jobs, new jobs, clients, and driving- I hardly get a chance to work out let alone tell you all about it! I’m trying to get better though. I picked up a new job that I can hopefully replace all my other crazy odd jobs with. I would like to have the gym/ training and one other job. Not 6 jobs and no money haha.

Hope you all are doing well!

Let’s see… where did we leave off??

Well, the free yoga class is going well! I had 12 my first class and 14 my second!! I was a little shocked that I had 12 people come. Holy cow. I would have been pleased with two people haha. Getting out there and teaching has been the most useful tool on my journey to becoming a fitness guru. Not only with yoga, but with subbing for other classes and getting some clients for personal training. I learn something each time I interact with someone. Whether it be counting, breathing cues or even describing where the body is being worked- I am growing and learning each day. It’s a nice feeling. This is it, you know? My time has really begun.


The other thing I did recently was blind folded yoga. Yup. Bandanna and everything. Now that was something else. I have never felt so in tune with my practice. It became an inside-out process, as opposed working inwards. I was aligning myself based on how I felt gravity pulling and adjusted to feel aligned with the ground. Using my mat for spacial reference, I felt like I did a pretty decent job and didn’t feel so self conscious when I didn’t know the pose or where my arms should go. I also realized that I rely heavily on sight when it comes to balance poses. Without my sight, I couldn’t even do tree. If you don’t have any inner ear issues, I highly recommend it. I had a bit of a head cold coming on so I did cheat and peaked at my toes a few times to straiten out. It’s interesting to challenge the senses and see what you do and don’t rely on.

How is everyone’s resolutions going? Make any start/ progress? This year I felt I had a lot! So I made a close line of my goals for 2015 and when I feel something is completed, I can take it off!


The two on top are for my boyfriend and the rest are for me! It’s a little dark in the picture, but my tangible goals include:

  • Climbing all the 4000 footers in VT (1 down and 4 to go)
  • Running 2 half marathons
  • doing another spartan race
  • do a pull up (i know.. i can’t even do one. It’s so bad haha)
  • become a yoga teacher
  • perfect inversions. I’m getting pretty close to hand stand and I can do forearm stand against a wall

I also added some more lifestyle goals of which I hope I can change over time

  • creating a healthy relationship with food. This is something I always yo-yo with. When things go well, my diet goes well. When things go bad, I head for the chocolate.
  • distinguish between wants and needs
  • simplify my closet. I currently have a walk in closet and too many things to put in there. Why do I have some weird emotional attachment to clothes I don’t wear?

I’ve been so busy running around that I don’t feel very grounded. It’s always one thing to the next and the only time I get in my room is when I’m sleeping. I hope that this job thing will calm down a bit and I can finally nest in my new-ish room.

Hope you all are doing well and staying warm! It was a nice -2Âș at 5am this morning.