I Know I Keep Saying It…

But I am so darn busy!!!

Between the jobs, new jobs, clients, and driving- I hardly get a chance to work out let alone tell you all about it! I’m trying to get better though. I picked up a new job that I can hopefully replace all my other crazy odd jobs with. I would like to have the gym/ training and one other job. Not 6 jobs and no money haha.

Hope you all are doing well!

Let’s see… where did we leave off??

Well, the free yoga class is going well! I had 12 my first class and 14 my second!! I was a little shocked that I had 12 people come. Holy cow. I would have been pleased with two people haha. Getting out there and teaching has been the most useful tool on my journey to becoming a fitness guru. Not only with yoga, but with subbing for other classes and getting some clients for personal training. I learn something each time I interact with someone. Whether it be counting, breathing cues or even describing where the body is being worked- I am growing and learning each day. It’s a nice feeling. This is it, you know? My time has really begun.


The other thing I did recently was blind folded yoga. Yup. Bandanna and everything. Now that was something else. I have never felt so in tune with my practice. It became an inside-out process, as opposed working inwards. I was aligning myself based on how I felt gravity pulling and adjusted to feel aligned with the ground. Using my mat for spacial reference, I felt like I did a pretty decent job and didn’t feel so self conscious when I didn’t know the pose or where my arms should go. I also realized that I rely heavily on sight when it comes to balance poses. Without my sight, I couldn’t even do tree. If you don’t have any inner ear issues, I highly recommend it. I had a bit of a head cold coming on so I did cheat and peaked at my toes a few times to straiten out. It’s interesting to challenge the senses and see what you do and don’t rely on.

How is everyone’s resolutions going? Make any start/ progress? This year I felt I had a lot! So I made a close line of my goals for 2015 and when I feel something is completed, I can take it off!


The two on top are for my boyfriend and the rest are for me! It’s a little dark in the picture, but my tangible goals include:

  • Climbing all the 4000 footers in VT (1 down and 4 to go)
  • Running 2 half marathons
  • doing another spartan race
  • do a pull up (i know.. i can’t even do one. It’s so bad haha)
  • become a yoga teacher
  • perfect inversions. I’m getting pretty close to hand stand and I can do forearm stand against a wall

I also added some more lifestyle goals of which I hope I can change over time

  • creating a healthy relationship with food. This is something I always yo-yo with. When things go well, my diet goes well. When things go bad, I head for the chocolate.
  • distinguish between wants and needs
  • simplify my closet. I currently have a walk in closet and too many things to put in there. Why do I have some weird emotional attachment to clothes I don’t wear?

I’ve been so busy running around that I don’t feel very grounded. It’s always one thing to the next and the only time I get in my room is when I’m sleeping. I hope that this job thing will calm down a bit and I can finally nest in my new-ish room.

Hope you all are doing well and staying warm! It was a nice -2º at 5am this morning.



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