Hi everyone

I started an Instagram account to try and promote myself a little more. If you want to follow me, my username is fitnesswannabe514.

As I continue on my fitness journey, I find more and more sources saying “shameless self promotion”. I’ve only slightly promoted myself at the gym, so why not give social media a try? I was totally an instagram basher for a while- it’s another way people stop physically interacting with one another. Gotta follow the masses right? 

Okay… instagram is a little fun.

Fitness plans this week

  • Ran 7 miles on Sunday
  •  Total body and yoga class Monday
  • today is 3 miles with hills
  • tomorrow is my demo class for another gym!
  • Thursday is 3 miles sprinting
  • Friday is total body
  • Saturday is yoga teacher training
  • Sunday is an easter 8 miles


Hope you train hard and feel good!



Promoting Private Lessons

Hello everyone!

In the midst of my busy life, I have been trying to advertise private yoga sessions to HammerFit- and boy has it been tough. People don’t understand why we are charging so much for a “one on one stretching class”. Quite frankly, it makes me a little mad. They don’t seem to grasp the whole concept of yoga and how it’s not just the body that gets relief. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge trying to promote my yoga career here. Private lessons are a really great tool for people new to yoga or into yoga. Any level yogi could benefit from a private lesson for a number of reasons:

  • Insight. You gain a different perspective on your practice when someone else talks to you about poses. It’s one thing to look in a mirror, its another thing to have someone come and help you get a sense of what your body can do.
  • Judgement free. New to yoga? Private lessons can teach you basics, names, and answer any questions you have without feeling silly or like you’re take up everyone else’s time
  • Awareness. We go through different phases of life both physically and mentally. If you have lost weight, you have a new body. If you have had an injury or surgery, your body has changed and may move differently. Pre/during/post preganacy? All different. Yoga is a way to always be aware of your new body, how it moves, when it changes- and to just be happy to know you!
  • Healing. Yoga has wonderful healing abilities. You can create a whole sequence for someone with back pain, digestions issues, sleeping, etc. If the problem arises outside the studio, you have the knowledge and the poses to try and combat the issue.
  • Your Individual Yoga. An experienced, well rounded instructor (my yoga goal) can also guide you towards a yoga you may enjoy or which may be good for you. If you like a slow paced they can recommend gentle or even restorative. If you like repetition, Ashtanga or Bikram may be something you enjoy. Fitness? Vinyasa. There are so many different kinds of yoga to choose from, why limit yourself to just one?
my ad!

The more times you work with an instructor, the more you can get out of it. The instructor gets to know you, your goals, needs, and most importantly your body and how it communicates. I hope I can spread the awareness to my fellow gym members!

Hal marathon update: Sunday was 6 miles- oh my gosh it was so darn cold! My face was frozen! but I did it. It felt good to be outside again. A much easier time than a treadmill.

Also, I have an interview/yoga demo for another gym. Can you believe it? Two gyms! Hopefully they like my class and my training style.

Have a wonderful day!


Fridays Are Full Body Workout Days

Happy Friday everyone!

Had a nice workout today that I wanted to share

Legs, repeat 3x

  • back kick 12.5lbs- 14 reps
  • side kick 12.5 lbs- 14 reps
  • squats with 8lbs- 14 reps
  • plié squats– 14 reps
  • Bosu front lunges- 14 reps
  • Pilates 20/20 pulses. first 20 your foot taps the floor, the second 20 your foot pulses and never touches the floor
  • calf raises 25lbs- 20 reps
  • 10 burpees with crossfit push ups. crossfit push ups are planks, lowering all the way to the floor, extending your arms to your sides, and pushing back up.
pilates 20/20 position
pilates 20/20 position

Cardio: 30 mins Precor cross trainer or elliptical

Arms, repeat 3x

  • low row 15lbs-14 reps
  • incline press machine 15lbs- 15 reps
  • lawn mowers 8lbs- 15 reps
  • bench dips 14 reps
  • bicep curl 10lbs- 15 reps
  • dumbbell flys 6lbs- 15 reps
lawn mower
lawn mower

Abs, repeat 2x

  • Bosu sit up song challenge. Pick a 3:30-4:00min song. Do normal sit ups  and at the chorus, switch to alternating bicycle arm crunches.
  • Sprinter sit ups– 12 reps alternating each side
  • ab roller-12 reps. This can also be done on a yoga ball
  • trunk extensions 10lbs- 15 reps
  • side crunches on the trunk extension 10lbs- 15 reps each side
ab roller
ab roller

Cool down: foam roll and stretch for 10 minutes

foam roller for myofacial release
foam roller for myofacial release

As of today I am officially signed up for the Earth Rock half marathon! 50 days until race day!

Body Acceptance

Hey everyone, hope you are all well!

A friend of mine has a blog that I frequent to when I miss her. One post was about the dreaded bathing suit search. She was coming back to VT for a quick visit, and I wanted to make her something becasue a. I love her and miss her, and b. because she’s such an amazing and beautiful person that she deserves kind thoughts instead of self doubt. Through pinterest and fitness I was inspired to make her motivational signs she can hang around her room or mirror.


As a normal person (like all people one time or another in their lives) I have also struggled with body image and acceptance. Something could always be thinner or bigger- depending on what area I’m looking at. I feel like I’ve been seeing and hearing more and more about the body image campaign and how people are trying to change the way society views beauty and yet still hearing such negative self talk. It’s even becoming more prevalent in the male community (because men should be able talk more about their feeling and insecurities without being ridiculed). As a cancer patient, I’ve come a long way with how I view my body and more importantly- my whole self.

When they first told me I had cancer, and that I would need neck surgery, all I could think about was this horrid neck scar I would have. It was hard enough to look in the mirror and not see my old body before my weight loss journey had started. They told me it would be pretty big and all I could think of was scarves, turtlenecks, and trying not to look like Frankenstein. After surgery, it was really hard for me to take off my my bandages for the first time. It was the moment of truth, you know? The first time I would see my scar and how I would see it every day for the rest of my life. A visual reminder of my struggle every time I get ready for the day. At first, I cried. I was shaking so much my boyfriend had to take the tape off for me. Talk about a self acceptance moment. It’s hard not to look at your body when it betrays you with sickness or injury.

Here I am, one year, six months and three days from my diagnosis. And I’ll tell you something, I love my scar. I love myself! I have sop much appreciation for what I do every day that I am here and present on this earth. Of course we all have days, but I feel proud and remind myself that I’m pretty awesome. It takes a lot to get the human body going, and not only am I awake and working, I’m participating in all aspects of my life! I work multiple jobs, exercise, have this blog, have a beautiful and loving relationship and so much more. How wonderful it is to work with myself and accept that I am not perfect, but I am wonderful and unique. There is not a single other person in this world that can tell the same story.

It’s so amazing to start a fundamental change and be excited to work towards a fulfilling goal.


In fitness news- I’ve been looking around at studios to try out all the different classes Burlington and the greater Chitteden County area has to offer. With my busy life, it’s going to take me a bit longer. I found an Iyengar yoga studio that I’ll have to check out soon too (and report back on). In the mean time, I get emails regularly from a few fitness websites, one in particular called Popsugar. It gives me all sorts of articles including fashion, food, workouts, and yoga. I really like the model they have for yoga and found out- she teachers in Essex! Near my gym!!

I do yoga at the same studio!
I’ve done yoga here!

I’m actually really excited about this. Kind of like star struck. I’m going to try to go to one of her classes and maybe awkwardly say hi and tell her I read her articles.

Hope you all have a nice day 🙂