Fridays Are Full Body Workout Days

Happy Friday everyone!

Had a nice workout today that I wanted to share

Legs, repeat 3x

  • back kick 12.5lbs- 14 reps
  • side kick 12.5 lbs- 14 reps
  • squats with 8lbs- 14 reps
  • plié squats– 14 reps
  • Bosu front lunges- 14 reps
  • Pilates 20/20 pulses. first 20 your foot taps the floor, the second 20 your foot pulses and never touches the floor
  • calf raises 25lbs- 20 reps
  • 10 burpees with crossfit push ups. crossfit push ups are planks, lowering all the way to the floor, extending your arms to your sides, and pushing back up.
pilates 20/20 position
pilates 20/20 position

Cardio: 30 mins Precor cross trainer or elliptical

Arms, repeat 3x

  • low row 15lbs-14 reps
  • incline press machine 15lbs- 15 reps
  • lawn mowers 8lbs- 15 reps
  • bench dips 14 reps
  • bicep curl 10lbs- 15 reps
  • dumbbell flys 6lbs- 15 reps
lawn mower
lawn mower

Abs, repeat 2x

  • Bosu sit up song challenge. Pick a 3:30-4:00min song. Do normal sit ups  and at the chorus, switch to alternating bicycle arm crunches.
  • Sprinter sit ups– 12 reps alternating each side
  • ab roller-12 reps. This can also be done on a yoga ball
  • trunk extensions 10lbs- 15 reps
  • side crunches on the trunk extension 10lbs- 15 reps each side
ab roller
ab roller

Cool down: foam roll and stretch for 10 minutes

foam roller for myofacial release
foam roller for myofacial release

As of today I am officially signed up for the Earth Rock half marathon! 50 days until race day!


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