Promoting Private Lessons

Hello everyone!

In the midst of my busy life, I have been trying to advertise private yoga sessions to HammerFit- and boy has it been tough. People don’t understand why we are charging so much for a “one on one stretching class”. Quite frankly, it makes me a little mad. They don’t seem to grasp the whole concept of yoga and how it’s not just the body that gets relief. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge trying to promote my yoga career here. Private lessons are a really great tool for people new to yoga or into yoga. Any level yogi could benefit from a private lesson for a number of reasons:

  • Insight. You gain a different perspective on your practice when someone else talks to you about poses. It’s one thing to look in a mirror, its another thing to have someone come and help you get a sense of what your body can do.
  • Judgement free. New to yoga? Private lessons can teach you basics, names, and answer any questions you have without feeling silly or like you’re take up everyone else’s time
  • Awareness. We go through different phases of life both physically and mentally. If you have lost weight, you have a new body. If you have had an injury or surgery, your body has changed and may move differently. Pre/during/post preganacy? All different. Yoga is a way to always be aware of your new body, how it moves, when it changes- and to just be happy to know you!
  • Healing. Yoga has wonderful healing abilities. You can create a whole sequence for someone with back pain, digestions issues, sleeping, etc. If the problem arises outside the studio, you have the knowledge and the poses to try and combat the issue.
  • Your Individual Yoga. An experienced, well rounded instructor (my yoga goal) can also guide you towards a yoga you may enjoy or which may be good for you. If you like a slow paced they can recommend gentle or even restorative. If you like repetition, Ashtanga or Bikram may be something you enjoy. Fitness? Vinyasa. There are so many different kinds of yoga to choose from, why limit yourself to just one?
my ad!

The more times you work with an instructor, the more you can get out of it. The instructor gets to know you, your goals, needs, and most importantly your body and how it communicates. I hope I can spread the awareness to my fellow gym members!

Hal marathon update: Sunday was 6 miles- oh my gosh it was so darn cold! My face was frozen! but I did it. It felt good to be outside again. A much easier time than a treadmill.

Also, I have an interview/yoga demo for another gym. Can you believe it? Two gyms! Hopefully they like my class and my training style.

Have a wonderful day!



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