Hi everyone

I started an Instagram account to try and promote myself a little more. If you want to follow me, my username is fitnesswannabe514.

As I continue on my fitness journey, I find more and more sources saying “shameless self promotion”. I’ve only slightly promoted myself at the gym, so why not give social media a try? I was totally an instagram basher for a while- it’s another way people stop physically interacting with one another. Gotta follow the masses right? 

Okay… instagram is a little fun.

Fitness plans this week

  • Ran 7 miles on Sunday
  •  Total body and yoga class Monday
  • today is 3 miles with hills
  • tomorrow is my demo class for another gym!
  • Thursday is 3 miles sprinting
  • Friday is total body
  • Saturday is yoga teacher training
  • Sunday is an easter 8 miles


Hope you train hard and feel good!



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