Belly Dancing, Hula Hoops, & Fat Shaming

I have come across a few things in my mere 22 years that I have deemed as “life goals”. Besides the whole “get a real career, house, married” blah blah blah.

One of my life goals is to learn to belly dance. I’ve actually really wanted to try this for a while, and now I’m doing something about it!


It seems like a. a really cool thing to learn how to do so that I don’t improvise with my bob-and-snap dancing, b. help me with my hula hoop dancing life goal, and c. a different way of embracing and loving the body.

I found a website online and started trying it out. Boy is it hard! The move, hip drops, seemed easy enough. The second, hip kicks, really stepped it up a notch. And then I was told to do a walking combo. Holy cow. I better practice!

Not only is it a funky dance move you can impress your friends and partners with, belly dancing had a lot of health benefits- core strength, balance, posture, cardio, and over all muscle toning.

Livestrong and FitDay 

I’ve never been much of the dancing type. I took ballroom my junior year of college and you all remember my pole dancing adventure. Maybe belly dancing will give me some suave dance moves and I won’t be such a wallflower anymore.

Hula hooping is also going well! I posted on my Instagram of my new additions to the hula hoop collection the other day. I also watched this fun video on basic hoop tricks and even got the hang of the routine.. sort of. I’ll get there!

Hula hooping and belly dancing are two really fun ways to embrace your body (pretty much any fun thing that involves your body counts- even sex!). It seems that even though we have this whole “love you body” movement, this isn’t stopping those who believe that fat shaming is the way to get results. One of my fit-inspirations put out a powerful video about body shaming. It really spoke to me because in the fitness world, people see one true body type as fit- the 6 pack, bubble butt, arm muscle, toned up individuals. Honestly, those people are born with good genetics, or have implants (because that’s a thing now a days too). I accept the fact I will never have big boobs, or a 6 pack. I’m totally fine with that. Fitness and healthy lifestyles should focus on feeling good in your clothes, feeling confident in your abilities, and feeling adventurous to go out and explore the world. Life is way more than a refection you see in the mirror. Sure, the ideal skinny, muscular looks great, but you can never have cheat days, you can’t go out to dinner, and your constantly focused on calorie and gram intake vs. exercise. I have a life too you know! There is no way I could get anything else done if I was that obsessive. You shouldn’t compare people unless they’re on a stage wanting to be judged and approved in competitions. Measure a person by their entire self, not just by our society’s skewed version of fitness and beauty.

Peace out girl scouts!



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