Yoga is Running, Running is Yoga

Happy Monday Folks!

Yesterday, I went for a 4 mile run and noticed something very interesting starting to happen. I have started to practice yoga while I run.

I don’t mean poses- I’m not spontaneously doing a back bend or a sun sun salutation- I mean more along the lines of fundamentals.  Breathing. Posture. Focus. Continuously monitoring and keeping everything in check.

Let me break it down a little- less yogi more trainer.

When running, there are things a person should take note of every so often- breathing, pain, posture, energy levels, etc. On my run, I started to think of my yoga teacher and how we did a practice where we sacrificed our poses for a continuous breath. You know when you stretch or practice yoga and some positions your breathing may become more shallow or intense? Try to stretch without changing your breath- even inhale and exhale.

It may sound silly, but it’s always nice to find a new way to analyze your body in motion.



Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today marks the one year of my personal training career! This date last year I took my exam in Boston and became a real actual trainer with a certificate and everything!

I feel like I’ve learned a TON this past year on training, gyms, and fitness in general- and I’m sure I have a lot more to go!

A few fitness tips from the first year

  • Don’t put your hands on your hips when working with a client or a class. It looks bossy.
  • Every body is different and should be treated as such
  • Always clean up a room after you teach class in it. It’s polite and respectful to both the place that allows you to teach and your own teaching abilities.
  • If you don’t know something, learn!
  • Work on your “sales pitch”. Why did you become a trainer? What makes you a good trainer? Why are you different than other trainers? What do you hope to provide your clients with? This is something that changes over time, but it’s a good idea to start a rough draft. This looks good to potential gyms.
  • Try every exercise you do with someone as best you can. The physical comparison can be very helpful
  • To a degree you can wing it, but if your gut feeling is that it may be dangerous- don’t do it! Client benching more than you can lift? Go to the smith machine!
  • Read your client, don’t assume. Some people want a drill Sargent, some people want a work out buddy. The client sets the tone and will take it to whatever level they expect.

And most importantly- be fluid! Have a back up plan, use everything available in and outside the gym. Be adventurous!

HammerFit has been very good to me. I really lucked out with a gym this easy going. I don’t think it would have been as successful if I had gone somewhere else. I don’t know many places that will let non certified instructors teach. My yoga would not be the same at all. Throwing myself out there and teaching has given me the confidence and practice I need. Each class I feel a little bit better, my flow is a little more fluid, and my own practice is a little deeper.

Thanks to everyone whose been following me thus far. Keep and eye out for my next update!


50 Races for 50 States: Andover, MA

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy! I’ll catch ya’ll up on what I’ve been doing

Personal training: it’s going well! I have consistent clients and I see progress in both fitness and motivation realms.

Yoga: my class is still at a weird time, but I do get new people pretty much every class, so that’s pretty cool.

Teacher Training: I hit the 100 mark for teacher training!  Also, I am able to finally grab my big toe in triangle while keeping my legs extended. Yay!

like this lady!

Yesterday I ran my 4th half marathon and completed my 3rd state! So that’s Vermont, New Hampshire, and now Massachusetts that I can check off my list. Only 47 more to go! 

  No one donated to my fundraiser (well, besides my mom) and I realized it’s really hard to advertise especially when I can’t fine a good website that will deposit money directly to a charity-we’ll have to see how that all goes. I was actually considering doing a charity towards my yoga schooling, but I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression. We’ll see. As far as the race goes, I only have three blisters! The only part of me that is sore is my neck, which I had already anticipated anyways. My time was the same as last time, 2:45 on the mark. I wasn’t focused on my time though. This was more of a “running analysis”. I focused on

  • Posture. whenever I am tired, I start to hunch over and start the t-rex arms. During this race I focused on keeping my upper body in line by slowing my pace down and picking up my knees or changing to a quick walk when I felt the shoulder hunch coming on.
  • Walk/running. This one was hard for me because my pride told me that walking is for losers- which is so un true. Someone had once told me to “walk before you’re body is tired”. I usually get fatigued around mile 6 but with the walk/run method I didn’t feel bad until mile 10! I think I would have had a better race time if they hadn’t made the second part of the course so hilly. There was a hill at mile 11 and 12 that really kicked butt. It was such a steep incline. I decided to run walk it so I wasn’t spent on the downhill portion that followed.
  • Running to recover. In my NH race last October, I remember seeing people pretty much dragging themselves over the finish line. This one woman threw up right in front of us. I never ever want to feel like that after a race! But ever since my neck surgery, I feel like recovery has been a lot more difficult for me. I get really shaky and my heart rate takes a while to settle. It’s like I can’t catch my breath. I ended up laying down with my legs elevated and that seemed to help a lot. I can only contribute it this time to the heat (which i haven’t been used to) and maybe dehydration the few days before. Thinking back, I probably should have been on the water more for the few days before the race.
  • Gu. I’ve been experimenting with Gu and different brands/flavors. After a few trial runs, I found the the brand GU was the best for me. I give me the most energy the fastest and had the best flavors. I did try Cliff Blocks and the brand Vega, which is a plant based protein- but I didn’t like either of them! Especially the plant one. Oh my god it was so bad!
  • Hydration. I had been practicing with my camel back, but when i read that there was a water station every 2 miles, I decided that maybe I didn’t need it. I think I consumed the same amount of water as I would have with my camel back, but in the future I’d like to invest in a belt with the water bottles on the side. I think the backpack is just a little too much and the water bottles on the sides won’t be as heavy. Maybe they’ll have a sale!

I think in the end, I need to take a longer gap between my next half marathon. I should work slower towards the 13 miles with 5ks, 10ks, and 15ks and being comfortable with those distances.  Maybe I can convince my parents to take a warm vacation this winter so I can do Florida or Hawaii or California for my next race!

This week is post race recovery/buying new sneakers. Today, I walked for an hour, did some light arms and abs. I did yoga for 30 minutes this afternoon and I’m teaching class tonight. This week will pretty much consist of walking and weight training, maybe a mile or two (depending on these pesky blisters) and then next week I’ll try and add another mile in. I think I’m hiking this week if the weather is nice- check out my Instagram for photos to come.

Have you all have a wonderful day!