Yoga is Running, Running is Yoga

Happy Monday Folks!

Yesterday, I went for a 4 mile run and noticed something very interesting starting to happen. I have started to practice yoga while I run.

I don’t mean poses- I’m not spontaneously doing a back bend or a sun sun salutation- I mean more along the lines of fundamentals.  Breathing. Posture. Focus. Continuously monitoring and keeping everything in check.

Let me break it down a little- less yogi more trainer.

When running, there are things a person should take note of every so often- breathing, pain, posture, energy levels, etc. On my run, I started to think of my yoga teacher and how we did a practice where we sacrificed our poses for a continuous breath. You know when you stretch or practice yoga and some positions your breathing may become more shallow or intense? Try to stretch without changing your breath- even inhale and exhale.

It may sound silly, but it’s always nice to find a new way to analyze your body in motion.



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