I’m sorry I’ve been away. Between moving and my new other job and life, it’s been hard to keep up with the blog. But I’m back! Hopefully some of you checked out my new Instagram account to see what I’ve been up to šŸ™‚

The new other job is good- helps pay the bills. I work as an office assistant for a physical therapy place in Burlington that specializes in pelvic floor muscle therapy. It’s pretty cool. I don’t interact with patients that much but it’s a nice place to be.

I’m pretty much moved into my new apartment! It’s been superĀ stressful since I still had two months on my old place when I signed the lease for the new place. I’ve been working my butt off to try and keep up with all my payments! I also have come to the conclusion that i seriously need to downsize. For some reason i thought I needed 5 pairs of black yoga pants?… better work on my material wants vs. needs..

I’m over the 100 hour mark for yoga and I am so happy! I love love love teacher training. I think it’s made me a better person as well as a better trainer.

I’ve been talking with another gym about personal training, as well ad working out my networking skills to nearby businesses. HammerFit has been connecting with the spa/resort right down the road and they said they were looking for yoga instructors for their new studio. I sent them an email Friday to introduce myself and we’ll see how that goes. I’ve added some more personal training clients which is super exciting. I have 6 active clients and IĀ do my best to self promote as much as I can.

Oh! I also officially signed up for September Spartan Sprint in Killington, VT! The gym is putting together a team.

I wanted to share this really awesome video I stumbled across while looking for a good motivational quote for the gym. It’s a women who decided to document her fitness journey.

You’ll be hearing from me soon



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