The Move: Tire Flips

Tire flip workout!

Tire flips are awesome. Men and women alike can benefit from some good old fashion tire flippin- as well as looking totally badass. And let’s be real, if you can look like a badass doing an exercise you’ve pretty much won the whole “fitness” thing hahaha

Here is a photo/explanation play-by- play of a tire flip with me! I was able to get someone at HammerFit to take some photos and I also posted a video of me on my instagram. The tire I’m using is about 150lbs, but when doing tire flips you’re only lifting half the weight at a time.

The set up:

assume the position

How you position yourself before you even lift the tire will determine the entire act. You really need to get low. I generally have a wider squat. The lower you can get in a good defense stance, the better. My shins are also touching the tire and so are my forearms. Remember to keep your chest up. Your shoulder need to be strong and sturdy to keep the rest of your frame strong.

Lift with your legs and back:

Begin with the deadlift

Tire flips are dead lifts. It’s the same thing expect with a dead lift you finish standing up and with a tire flip you move your body and the tire in a forward motion. Keeping your back strong, start to lift with your legs and lean into the tire with your forearms. Equal parts pushing with the legs and lifting with the back. Meanwhile, really focus on keeping your body still with your abs.

Give it extra umph at the top:

pushing and walking

Right before the tire is completely upright, you’ll have to give it an extra umph with your arms. This is where the dead lift ends and the pushing begins. Your body will feel the weight shift naturally.

Pulling turns into pushing:


Once your tire is upright, all you need to do is push it over and get that satisfying BAM as it hits the ground. Concentrate on using your thighs, forearm, biceps and back. If your lower back hurts in a bad way, stop doing flips and ice. Make sure to always start with the core basics to help your entire body be connected through out the exercise.

Then, Repeat!

Once you feel comfortable with the tire flip form and repetition, try this sweet workout!

the I Am a Badass Tire flip workout

  • do 10 tire flips
  • turn around and do 10 “booty tapping” squats using the tire as the lowest point, tap it with your booty and then stand back up
  • run a lap
  • repeat 3x or more!

Hope you feel the burn



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