45 Day Challenge

Hope you all had a nice fourth of July! I ran a road race with my cousins, which is always fun. It’s a nice tradition we’ve started and I’d like to get more people to sign up next year with me.

Some how I’m always in the 700’s

I also completed my first 45 Day Challenge! It started off as an experiment for an upcoming doctors appointment- if I cut out almost all dairy for a month and a half before my appointment would I notice anything different in my blood tests/ skin complexion/general well being?I also have quite the love affair with ice cream. I have no words to describe how much I love ice cream. It’s always been my go-to- my biggest emotional eating culprit. So, 45 days without my sad food was difficult to say the least. The cravings, the anxiety. It’s amazing what routines we put ourselves in and how difficult it is to break them. Yesterday, was day 45 and I treated myself to a small chocolate vanilla twist. I’ve always eaten my ice cream quickly and this time I slowed down to enjoy the taste. I guess I was in a hurry for it to get into my stomach and never really enjoyed the taste of ice cream. It was kind of an alarming realization. I also realized there isn’t really any super cute way to eat an ice cream haha.

The child in me rejoices!

This challenge made me feel really good about myself. I said I would do something and I followed through with it and came out knowing a little more about the person I want to be. So, I decided to take on the second biggest emotional thing I do- shopping. The literally hundreds of clothing items I own from going online and binge shopping to avoid the real issue has become to big to handle. “New clothes will make you feel better”. I think about the money I spent on all these materialistic wants and how it could have gone to something more wholesome or more fun. Here we go, day 1 has begun! Wish me luck! »♥«


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