Pushing The Limit & Life Lessons

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

Hey everyone,

Today I quit my other job.

About two months ago I started working at a pelvic floor specific physical therapy office as their office assistant. The job required light cleaning, laundry, answering phones, checking people in/out, scheduling appointments, and data entry. Olive Garden had prepared me for this job more than I realized at first. Making a bed and cleaning a room in between patients was pretty similar to bussing a table when it was really busy. Taking patients in was like taking patrons to their tables, folding laundry= rolling silverware, etc… That part I was really good at.

Data entry and copying. Let me start off with the fact that any homework or exam presented online I always did a lot worse. There is something about computer work that I just can’t focus on. At any medical office this needs to be 100% or else we run into problems. The first few weeks its expected to have some minor issues. But mine wouldn’t go away! It’s all in the details and I’ve always been a big picture person. Crafting, school projects, papers, its all about the big picture and going back for the finishing details. This job was the reverse. I wanted to be good at this job, you know? Knowing that details are my flaw I tried hard, but I was just really bad haha. It didn’t help that the office manager was getting mad at me. She was trying but her teaching and correcting tactics made me feel nervous about keeping the job and bad about my over all performance.

So, today I came in to work to yet another mistake (not a huge deal but none the less a mistake). The owner and I were talking about how we can make this better- she is an amazing woman and I really appreciated her patients with me- and I looked at her and said “let me save you the trouble. I was actually going to give my notice today because, lets be real, I’m not good at this job”. It’s the truth. I wasn’t. I wanted to be, but two months and no improvement means its time to move on. We then talked about life and how it’s exhausting to try and be on my health all the time as a recent graduate as well as a cancer survivor. She told me she thought that I was wonderful and that I would be successful with my fitness/yoga goals and we both laughed and agreed that details aren’t my strong suit.

A weight has certainly been lifted. Quitting a job is scary! Now I just have the gym job and I need to make more money than that! haha but I feel better about myself because I stood up for my needs and my emotional well being.

At least I have more time to work on something I enjoy!

I learned a lot in those two months and even today when I gave my notice, like:

  • what goes into making a patient chart and updating that chart
  • learning about insurances
  • how to leave a job gracefully, even when you weren’t the best employee
  • knowing what you do and don’t deserve in a job
  • dealing with a toxic coworker

I don’t feel bad about myself and acknowledging my flaws. I also don’t see this as a failure. This was just another path I tried and half way down I ended up turning around. »♥«


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