Changing Up the Routine

Life happens,

You work late, kids have summer camp, weekend get away with your family, it’s too hot, etc. Instead of putting your routine on the back burner, try to change it up to fit your lifestyle and your needs!


For me, it’s always about my jobs. I have a pretty constant schedule at HammerFit, but it seems like I’m always rotating through that second job. Since my half marathon, my week kind of looked like this:

  • Monday/Friday– Abs, Arms, and run
  • Tuesday/Thursday– Legs and elliptical
  • Wednesday– arms/back and cardio (either running or hiking)
  • Saturday I have my yoga teacher training so sometimes its my rest day and sometimes its my yoga day.
  • Sunday– Long run and stretching/ light yoga

My goal here was just to start getting stronger. I like doing 2-3 sets of 12-16 reps. I honestly get bored with anything over 4 reps of 16 unless its a certain ab workout. I like changing up my moves often.

Now, here I am, August is here and I have about 7 weeks until my spartan race training and I’m in a rut! I can’t really get into my workouts like I used to and i’m not as motivated. So it’s time to change it up! Here are the things I thought about and how I processed it through my brain. Hopefully it helps anyone out there who needs a new regimen.

Exercise standstill questions

  1. What are you working towards? Running, Spartan race, general fitness, a certain goal?
  2. Has this changed from previous goals?
  3. Has your work schedule changed? Did you get a new job?
  4. Are you trying new exercises regularly and rotating them around?
  5. What haven’t you implemented?
  6. Does your body feel better, worse, bigger, smaller?

Personally, I’ve switched my goals from running to cross training. I’d like to keep the running in because I’m going to start half marathon training again in the near future, so I don’t want to cut running out. I’m also a huge cardio junky. It makes me feel better about everything and de-stresses me just as much as yoga. I always change up what I do for my exercises. Yes, I have some staple things I keep, but other than that I’m always trying new things I’ve found online. My goals right now are the Spartan race and cutting down my mile time, as well as working on strength and balance for yoga poses. I’ve implemented a lot of weight and balancing exercises to help out and it’s made a huge difference! I’m also still working on my one pull up goal. I’ve researched different ways to work with it (post pending!) and try to do them often.

This is what I came up with for my new exercise routine!

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday– Total body and light cardio. So maybe 30 minutes of elliptical on a light to moderate setting or light weights if I go hiking on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday– running and yoga which I space out with at least 6 hours. Running comes earlier in the day and yoga comes later.
  • Saturday is still teacher training.

Hopefully this inspires me to work harder and changes up my body so I get the desired results for my new goals. »♥«



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