Preparing for the Killington Spartan Sprint

Hey everyone!

Boy, has it been hectic transitioning to living at home! My mom broke her ankle really badly and ended up needing surgery. She’s healing, but pretty banged up. I told her when she starts to feel better we’ll do some chair yoga haha. So, while I’ve been waiting to start my new job, I’ve assumed the title ‘Nurse Taylor”. Can you say Cabin Fever?

This past Sunday I did get a little break-okay, a big one. I participated in the Killington Resort Spartan Sprint! So much fun! When I was working at HammerFit we created a team. Just because I moved away doesn’t mean I’m not still part of the team!

Part of team HammerFit

The course was set up with a few obstacles, and then a hike to the top via some double black diamond trails. Once at the top, the rest of the race consisted of more tasks as we made our way down the mountain through the wood trails The thing I focused on the most this summer was hiking and cross training my legs. (If anyone is interested in training for this sprint make sure you get some serious hiking in).

So, the week before the race, I hiked Mount Washington.


Yup. That’s right folks.

Washington was AMAZING. It was so beautiful the whole time and so dang exhausting. I’d like to consider myself an intermediate hiker- I haven’t been hiking for very long, but I had done the other 4000 footers this summer. Holy cow was this tough. We drove over to White Mountain National Park, took Tuckerman’s Ravine up, hung out at the top, hiked Lion’s Head down, and drove back to Burlington.

Total time: 12 hours



It was a spontaneous decision. Alex and I had wanted to climb it, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. When we saw partly sunny at the top in the 5 day forecast, we took advantage of it. Although when we got to the top we could see some wicked clouds. By the time we got back to the car, it started pouring!

Of course I had to take a yoga pose opportunity!
Of course I had to take a yoga pose opportunity!

After tackling this mountain, Killington was pretty easy! I took the back of the group to help out another girl on the team. We finished in 3 hours and 19 minutes! A few of us want to try to get our trifecta next year and I’m searching for a spring half marathon. My new shoes have really gotten me back in the running game! Not only am I back to hitting the pavement, my times are getting better and my feet aren’t peeling!

Spartan Trifecta: When a participant accomplishes at least one Sprint, Super, and Beast within one calendar year.

Stay tuned….


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