Knee Pain & Foot Strain

Hello friends,

Holy guacamole. The summer has been crazy crazy! The after school program I work for has switched into summer mode, and man is it exhausting.

My summer has started off very well! I completed my 5th half marathon in Acadia National Park and it was beautiful! It wasn’t my best time bit I shaved almost 10 minutes off my last race! The GU, stretching, meal prep adjustments have really made these races more enjoyable.

Then, I hiked Mount Lincoln! My favorite 4000 footer hike thus far. It was a 5 hour hike total and the top was crazy windy! I really enjoyed the trail. We crossed a river at five different points just on the ascend!

The fourth of July was celebrated with my annual 4 mile race in Maine with my cousins. This year wasn’t my best time, but I don’t want to stress my knee out. I’m never upset if I’m slower for a good reason. I’d rather have slower times to run my whole life than to burn out quick.

Recently, I also added Mount. Tecumseh to the 4000 footer list- making this number 8. Only 60 more to go!

With all this crazy activity, my body is starting to talk back. But I have found a new love, KT tape! The best way to explain it is a personalized brace for your body. The way you apply this tape is specific to your pain and can be modified for your needs. Research videos of application for better information.

I’m also finding that more and more mornings my feet are very sore when I get out of bed to start the day. I use my lacrosse ball for the myofascial release. This type of treatment is useful for getting more circulation into the connective tissue of the areas that tighten up from repetitive use. The pain is normal but shouldn’t be unbearable. I recommend any person participating in running, hiking, sports, and even weight lifting to use a foam roller as often as they can.

What’s next?

I’m going back to school for Kinesiology and UMass Amherst this fall!

Stay tuned 🙂

»<3 «

ps. I had some cool pictures but for some reason wordpress is kinda on the fritz right now. I’ll update later!