Treadmill Running: A Survival GuideĀ 

Hey everyone! 

Between winter, safety, and adequate light source- I have been forced to take my running inside. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I really can’t stand treadmill running. I feel limited and tired. The run is just a chore. 

If you feel like me, here’s how I keep my sanity:

  • Entertainment. Netflix movie (yes, movie), book on tape, podcast- whatever keeps you focused. If you space out too much, you might lose your posture. It’s also helpful for those (like myself) who enjoy the adventure in a run and don’t usually plan the course before they start. 
  • Realistic settings. This sucks, a lot. If you want to be honest with yourself and your training, you need to set an incline of .5 to 1.0. This makes up for wind resistance and slight elevation even on your flattest 5k course. It also helps significantly with shin splints. 
  • Patients. It’s a serious adjustment for most people. The surface is different, air quailities in a gym might not be as great. That super gross sweaty guy running next to you and the fear that some of that sweat might land on you… just know that this too will make you a better runner. 

Hope this helps! Good luck everyone šŸ™‚