Fitness Fun: Rock Climbing


Hello everyone 🙂

I make it an un official rule for myself that I need to find active hobbies that are fun, and not another means of exercise. Recently, I have really been drawn to rick climbing! I enjoy the mental and physical challenge each wall brings. I feel that every wall I finish, I gain more insight in how to play this “chess” game.


I think I’ve gone once or twice as a kid, but last year we went at work (with all the kiddos), and I really enjoyed watching them and getting a chance to try one or two wall myself. I’ve gone back enough times now that I’ve slowly invested in all the gear you need. I will, however, say that shoes is the best thing to buy first.

Good shoes= better climbing

The most underworked muscles I feel afterwards are my forearms- from all that grabbing holding, as well as my lats (near your armpit/ rib area), and my trapezius (the large diamond shaped muscle that starts at your neck, and end at your mid back). I have a very difficult time mimicking the same level of soreness when I go to the gym.

Keeping that in mind, rock climbing it actually a total body activity. If you pull yourself up with your arms, you’re sure to burn out fast. The arms determine the route you take while the legs power you up the wall. It is important to realize before getting in the bad habit of neglecting to use the strength in your legs.

I think that climbing has really helped me with upper body work. I don’t go enough to consider it an actual workout, but it helps me with my gym exercises in grip technique as well as expanding my repertoire of upper body workouts. I’m hoping that the strength from here helps me with my fist spartan of the year: Spartan Super in Palmerton, PA.

Hope you all have a nice long weekend 🙂

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