Chin Stand 

Hey everyone! 

I went to a new yoga class in Essex, Vermont where I was delightfully pushed out of my comfort zone with a pose I’ve been scared to try. So, I wanted to share it with you all- the chin stand. 

Now, I know that this pose doesn’t sound particularly comfortable, but it feels a lot different than it looks! 

First off, because of my history of neck issues, I’m always afraid to do poses that require my head to stretch far back (i.e. Neck rolls that require you to look up at the ceiling). I was afraid of this pose because of the amount of body weight I thought would be on my chin. Keeping that in mind, I was super hesitant when the teacher began talking about the chin stand prep. While she was talking, I realized that the prep was really important for success and comfort in the pose. This is how I got there: 

  1. Come into high plank with your hands a little closer together than normal.
  2. Shift your weight forward so that your head is further from your hands and your more on the ball of your feet.
  3. Lower down so that your elbows are under your hips, your chin is on the floor, but your bottom is still high up. 
  4. Lift one leg up in the air. Then, try to gently kick the other one to meet it. This requires a lot of core engagement and awareness of whether your backside is sinking down or not. 
  5. Once you’ve successfully gotten both fee in the air, keep pushing your legs higher and higher while also being mindful of how close they are. 
  6. Optional scorpion! 

Hope you all find this as rewarding as I did!