Mental Work

Hi everyone!

Last week, I finally started my meditation- my new mental workout.

In recent years, meditation has become a hot topic to study-and the findings show that it can help a wide range of people and health issues.

I’ve had a few apps on my phone that I’d listen to while doing things. Mostly to see if I liked the app or the voice. After some research, I decided to try out Headspace. This app has animations, tips, and it can be customized to fit to your lifestyle. Andy, one of the creators and the voice for each day, is soft and yet not too “dreamy”. The only downside is that is costs a monthly fee.

Personally, I decided to start meditating because I find myself too busy in my mind. If I’m sitting somewhere beautiful or having a casual conversation with someone, I’m also thinking of today, tomorrow, the things I need to do, the things I need to be better at, how to make more money, getting ready for school, etc. Lately, my attention to detail seems off and I’m not actually ever relaxed. When I finally lay down at night for bed, I can feel my body slowly releasing tension. I attribute a lot of my scatter brain to my phone. Everything is instant and quick. Information is best seen in blurbs. I’ve made a consciences decision to make limit my digital intake in the morning and while in bed. Now, I listen to podcasts while I get ready in the morning,

So, the big question is: how’s it going so far?

Well… honestly? It’s really hard. I like that I’m spending time out of my day to try and get grounded and take care of myself. Headspace is very calming and even though I’m not anywhere close to stillness of the mind, I don’t feel like I’m being judged. It’s actually been very interesting as far as processing certain emotions I’ve been ignoring. I’m currently on day 8 and after reading MindBodyGreen’s post on meditating for 100 days and the differences the witter say. Needless to say, I was jealous.

My goal is to make it 100 days! I’ll try to update it at the 30 day mark. Wish me luck! And please, please, please check out headspace!

Have a wonderful day!

Ashtanga Primary Series 

Happy Monday everyone! (Well, hopefully its happy for you- it’s 95° for me!!) 

Summer is approaching quickly, the last day of school is almost here!!! As I begin to switch into summer camp mode with the kids, the excitement/fear/stress/anticipation for school is more and more present as I try to figure out what’s next. My hope is to be able to work part time and survive school while still running the occasional race/adventuring/gymlife/keeping my sanity. Yeah I know, good luck, right? 

Ideally, I would love to work in a gym environment. If I could have a few clients, maybe teach a class- I would be more than extatic. Unfortunately, life always goes a little off roads. So, I’m thinking of back up plan. 

Now I know you’re thinking “why settle?! Why not just do it all?!” And believe me, I want to. It’s just nice to have a safety net is all.  

Back in the original dream- I’ve been trying to sub and teach my yoga classes in the area. The school that I went through for my 200hr offers a yoga like no other! If I can memorize it, I can bring it to so many studios! The real challenge is marketing myself and finding a studio with prime times for teaching plus having a diverse clientele. 

The primary series postures

So here is my goal, and hopefully I gave myself an appropriate length of time to complete it: 

I would like to memorize the ashtanga primary series breath by breath from start to finish… 

by the end of this summer! 

What’s ashtanga? Check out this awesome one hour video: 

It’s a somewhat condensed primary series with the breath by breath instruction. The whole class generally takes an hour and twenty minutes. 

Stay tuned for my first 10k later this month! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Protein Push

Hey everyone!

As much as I love winter, this one seemed especially long and lonesome. I had a hard time hitting the slopes, and it was too cold and dark to run outside. My never ending love-hate relationship with the treadmill motivated me to sign up for a few road races. I may or may not have gotten carried away though…

  1. April 30th- (Cheshire, CT) Ion Bank Half Marathon
  2. May 20th- (Stowe, VT) Craft Brew 5k
  3. May 28th- (Burlington, VT) Vermont City Marathon Relay
  4. June 25th- (Boston, MA) B.A.A 10k
  5. July 4th- (Bridgeton, ME) Four on the Fourth 4 Mile
  6. July 9th- (Palmerton, PA) Spartan Super
  7. August 19th- (Boston, MA) Night Run 5k
  8. September 16th- (Killington, VT) Spartan Beast
  9. October 1st- (Long Island, NY) Divas Running Series Half Marathon
  10. November 5th- (Fenway Park, MA) Spartan Sprint
  11. November 23rd-(TBA) Turkey Trot 5k

In my attempts to train, I’ve begun to notice a considerable deficit in my protein intake. Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to eat protein all day?! Before really examining my necessary intake for optimal outcome, I was beginning to feel lethargic and really run down. I’ve always been a sound sleeper but for a while I was tossing and turning all night. It’s only been a few days of really watching my gram intake and I already feel a lot better.

I know I am a huge MFP (MyFitnessPal) promoter, but I really believe it is the best educational tool out there for food and nutrition. When I was running, I had the macros calculated to focus on carbs. Now that I’m cross training and exercising for at least one hour a day, I recalibrated my needs. Currently, I should be consuming:

  • 165g (40%) of Carbs
  • 124g (30%) of Protein
  •  55g (30%) of Fat

*Percentages based off a 1,700 caloric intake*


124g is the equivalent of roughly: 29 pieces of thick cut bacon, 20 hard boiled eggs, 3.5 pounds of bison, 10 scoops of Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, 4.75 cups of low fat Cabot cottage cheese, or 77.5 medium sized shrimp.


I think I have my work cut out for me as far as finding creative recipes… It’s been difficult due to the food restrictions I have at my job (we have a lot of obscure allergies). Once I get a little more comfortable in the kitchen, I’ll try to start sharing helpful recipes.

Hope you all have a great day!