Ashtanga Primary Series 

Happy Monday everyone! (Well, hopefully its happy for you- it’s 95° for me!!) 

Summer is approaching quickly, the last day of school is almost here!!! As I begin to switch into summer camp mode with the kids, the excitement/fear/stress/anticipation for school is more and more present as I try to figure out what’s next. My hope is to be able to work part time and survive school while still running the occasional race/adventuring/gymlife/keeping my sanity. Yeah I know, good luck, right? 

Ideally, I would love to work in a gym environment. If I could have a few clients, maybe teach a class- I would be more than extatic. Unfortunately, life always goes a little off roads. So, I’m thinking of back up plan. 

Now I know you’re thinking “why settle?! Why not just do it all?!” And believe me, I want to. It’s just nice to have a safety net is all.  

Back in the original dream- I’ve been trying to sub and teach my yoga classes in the area. The school that I went through for my 200hr offers a yoga like no other! If I can memorize it, I can bring it to so many studios! The real challenge is marketing myself and finding a studio with prime times for teaching plus having a diverse clientele. 

The primary series postures

So here is my goal, and hopefully I gave myself an appropriate length of time to complete it: 

I would like to memorize the ashtanga primary series breath by breath from start to finish… 

by the end of this summer! 

What’s ashtanga? Check out this awesome one hour video: 

It’s a somewhat condensed primary series with the breath by breath instruction. The whole class generally takes an hour and twenty minutes. 

Stay tuned for my first 10k later this month! 

Have a wonderful day! 


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