My First 10k

Hey everyone!

This past Sunday I finally participated in my first 10k! This one was put on by the Boston Athletics Association and raised money for Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


The course was really beautiful! They closed off the entire street for the 10,000+ runners participating- which is always a cool sight to see when running up or down a hill.

I actually enjoyed this distance a lot. My final time was 1:04:24, which I’m super happy with considering I stopped at every water station. I skipped the first one and shortly after ran by a group of paramedics surrounding and unconscious runner. At least half the course had no shade and it really started to heat up. I ran by several people who couldn’t handle the heat and decided to be extra safe.

The importance of hydration leads me to my new discovery- coconut water!

I have had plenty of GU for races, but if I follow the “5 minutes before every 45” that comes out to 3 or 4 GUs for my half marathon time. I can have maybe two before I get a really bad stomach ache from all the sugar. Plus, I gain weight so easily and the GU intake was not helping! Enter coconut water: I tried it a few weeks ago and fell in love. Currently, I’m all about the VitaCoco Lemonade flavor (sold at most grocery stores). It’s pretty sweet so I’ve started creating and equal blend of that and the plain flavor they have.

Not only is it clean, but I feel great in terms of performance. I’ll drink one for the two of three days leading up to an event and then post event. I even have a little after work on days where I feel really dehydrated.

I highly suggest this product for anyone whose getting tired of using artificial sugar to help them through a workout.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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