My Story

Over the years I have learned several important things.

  • Be proud of the accomplishments in your life, no matter how small.
  • Failure isn’t always a bad thing, it means you’ve met a challenge you need a little more time to defeat.
  • Some days it’s okay to eat the entire pint of ice cream- you deserved it!

But most importantly: everyday you try your best, you’re already succeeding

When I was 13, I decided to join a gym in the hopes of losing weight. Throughout high school, I struggled with my clothes and the scale and ultimately my self image. It was really frustrating at times and I never saw myself gaining any momentum towards my goals.

I was pretty out of shape- I couldn’t run to save my life! Junior year of college, I decided to give it one last try. Being the some-what crazy girl that I am, I sought motivation in signing up for my first ever road race. A half marathon, actually. It was pretty slow going. I remember finishing my first 4 mile run and feeling so spent. What the hell did I get myself into?! Every month I pushed myself a little bit harder and a little bit farther until I was running 8 miles and still being able to walk after. Race day was amazing. I literally did a couch to half marathon in 18 weeks!

Crossed the finish line for the very first time!

Since then, I’ve really turned over a new leaf. Working out has given me a deeper sense of self.

Exercise is no longer just a means of weight loss to me. It’s everything. It is my stress relief, meditation, a check in, a challenge, a comfort, an energy boost, a confidence builder, and a time for self-reflection. If I can get a good workout in, I’m an anxious mess.

My senior year of college I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I had a total thyroidectomy, Radioactive Iodine treatments, and all the terrible side effects of life without a thyroid. After surgery, I slowly and patiently worked my way back until I was training for another half marathon. Fitness was there for me when I was angry about my situation, stressed about school and social dramas, and and a reason to get out of bed. It really solidified the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Fitness found my cancer and saved my life in more ways than one. While I was recuperating and trying to pass my senior year classes, I decided to become a certified personal trainer and share what I had stumbled across with everyone I could.

I wanted to start a blog to share my findings and continue to deepen my understanding and appreciation for the human body and what it can really do if you treat it right. Sometimes there are slip ups, and life can get in the way, but this blog and any followers will help me stay honest. There is always a lesson- sometimes its through success and sometimes its through failure.

Thanks for reading! Questions and comments are always welcome.

Healthy living is the best fashion.


Check out my cancer blog- “Not Your Average Senior Year”


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