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I believe that every body is unique and should be treated as such in all realms. Exercise, fitness, nutrition, and over all health and wellness should be catered to your body and your mind- you should never have to try to fit the “cookie cutter” mold. Working out should be a highlight to your day. It should challenge you, push you, and make your feel proud of everything you and your body can do! The morals and discipline that go into a good workout can ultimately be applied to other facets of life and living. Fitness is an amazing way to become more self aware and confident. As a trainer, I hope to kick your butt 😉 but I also hope that the intangible things you find in a workout will help you pursue any other passions that call to you. Together, we will work towards your goals while also respecting your individual needs.


Currently, I am subbing at Spirit Bear Power Yoga. I hope to find a studio that can give me my own class. In the fall, I’ll be attending Bay State College to work towards getting my associates degree in Physical Therapy. My ultimate goal is to combine my knowledge of yoga, personal training, and physical therapy to help people get a whole healing experience.

Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.


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